N A T H A N   M R N A K



Nathan’s Biography

Nathan Mrnak is the COO of Base Camp Country Real Estate and Base Camp Leasing.

Being able to work in several leadership positions within the outdoor industry has only strengthened his resolve to continue to serve in positions that cater to landowners and hunters alike. Nathan understands the important influence both landowners and hunters play in the conservation of our hunting heritage, traditions, and wildlife.

Growing up in rural Northern Minnesota set the foundation for Nathan’s love of the outdoors and his future career in the outdoor industry. As a kid that grew up on a steady diet of venison, ruffed grouse, and walleye, his desire to contribute to his family’s freezer and table fare quickly turned into a deep connection with the wildlife he pursued and a passion to become an accomplished outdoorsman.

Since then, Nathan’s hunting adventures have had him traveling across the United States in pursuit of harvesting a whitetail buck with his bow in every state possible in addition to taking Elk, Mt. Goat, Antelope, Mule Deer, Black Bear, and several other species.

Nathan’s best days away from work involve the time spent with his two daughters, rooting on their team sports, hunting turkeys or whitetails and sometimes giggling up a storm with them in a blind trying not to scare everything off their farm in Northern Missouri.