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Rural Land in Ohio: The Right Fit

There is something undeniably American about owning your own piece of vacant land. Untouched real estate with only your imagination to limit what you can do on it. From building a dream home, to creating your ultimate hunting habitat. Buying land anywhere can an amazing investment, especially in 2021 and especially in Ohio. Knowing you […]

Why Buy a Rural Home?

What is a Rural Home? A rural home is different than typical suburban real estate. There is typically an amount of land that comes with the home. As well as fewer restrictions set in place. What To Look For. Buying a rural home shouldn’t be overly stressful. You are beginning the journey of finding our […]

Camping Properties for Sale

2020 changed a lot of peoples perspectives on what fun and entertainment is. With limited access to things that are usually used for family fun, its time to mix it up. The days of water parks and resorts are much more limited than we are used to. Which has led to families finding other means […]

How To: Hunting Safety

Hunting is something that no matter which approach you take, it is simply fun. However, with that fun comes a set of rules that hunters must follow. These rules are set in place by states to make sure everyone hunting is doing it efficiently and ethically. Hunting safety is extremely important and one of the […]

Private Land: Trespassers

Owning your own piece of hunting land is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. It gives you the freedom to cultivate the land anyway you want, as well as regulate it how you please. However, owning and maintaining a pristine piece of land can have its setbacks. One […]