Are you looking to buy rural land in Michigan? Land in Michigan provides multiple advantages that other states can’t compete with. From its miles of coastline to exceptional hunting, you might just be calling Michigan home soon.

Why Rural Michigan Land?

There are dozens of states (50 to be exact) to choose to buy land in possibly. All with their own factors that make them unique.

Land in Michigan is no different, with plenty of things that make it a premier destination to buy land. Some of those things include

  • With over 1,300 miles of trails, 10 million acres of public land, and 360,000 specifically dedicated to wildlife species management and habitat management, this makes the state a nature lovers’ dream. They also have over 100 state parks, meaning that you aren’t far from one, no matter where you live in the state!
  • Coast Line: One of the best things about Michigan is that you are always close to water. With more freshwater shoreline than anyu state, you are never more than 100 miles from one of the great lakes. Take your love of the water to the next level in Michigan! Enjoy fishing, boating, or just being by the water!
  • Low Cost: Something everyone might not know about Michigan is its meager cost of living. It is ranked 4th in the nation on the list of most affordable states to live in. Additionally, the average monthly utility bill is 17 WHOLE PERCENT, lower than the countries average.
  • Season: While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Michigan gives you the chance to experience every season. From 100 degree summers to a foot of snow and everything in between. If you enjoy getting a piece of each season, then Michigan should be at the top of your list.

Hunting In Michigan

For many people looking to buy a piece of rural land, hunting falls into the group of things they are interested in. Whether you want the land to do the actual hunting on or just want to be close to goo public hunting, Michigan has it for you.

Deer Hunting in Michigan

While Michigan might not be known for its high-level deer hunting, its vast public land and varying landscapes make for a pretty cool experience. The state is divided into 4 distinct zones, each with something that sets them apart.

Northern Michigan Deer hunting

One of the best parts about Michigan, in general, is its biodiversity. From the UP to lake Michigan, the state’s terrain can very heavily. The same can be said for its deer populations, with 4 distinct sections in Michigan for deer hunting. All with their own exclusive features.

  • Upper Peninsula: If you search for a true wilderness experience, then the UP might be for you. With tens of thousands of miles of heavily wooded forests, you can easily find yourself miles away from civilization. Which helps contribute to its lower hunting pressure. The amount of deer is not particularly high, but the sheer size of the land gives the hunter plenty of room to explore.
  • Northern Peninsula: If you find yourself just south of Mackinaw Bridge, you have made it to what many consider to be the best hunting in the state. Marked with hundreds of deer camps, hunters from coast to coast make the journey to this part of the state. Hoping to land a massive buck in a beautiful setting. Hunting pressure is more abundant here, making the option of private hunting leases that much sweeter and is one of the best reason to buy rural land in Michigan.

Southern Michigan Deer Hunting

  • Central Michigan: Unlike the land to the north, Central Michigan has far more agricultural land. Which means more open fields, and therefore more deer. Combine that with the heavy timber you find in Michigan, and you have a quality spot for deer. Public land is slightly harder to find in this area. You will also find an increase in landowner co-operatives. A process where landowners openly attempt to have a stronghold on the management of deer. To improve things like age structure and sex ratio.
  • Southern Michigan: Besides its bonus being the most accessible bit of hunting land in Michigan. It is also widely considered a farm country in Michigan. As any hunter knows, where there are farms, there are monster bucks. The higher nutrition levels of the farms play directly into the size of bucks, which is why you can often find some of Michigan’s biggest deer in the south. The public land in this area is few and far between, with most of the land is privately owned, making it a prime spot for a Michigan Hunting Lease.

Turkey Hunting no Michigan Land

There is definitely some good turkey hunting in Michigan if you are looking for it. The state itself is very pro turkey. With some 763,618 licenses sold annually, there may be a lot of pressure, but for a good reason.

Home to a 30% success ate and 100% chance of getting a license, the odds of you bagging a big bird are high. Michigan is home to 7.4 million acres of land open to public hunting. Giving you the ability to be close to hunting no matter where you are in the state. You will find less hunting pressure to the north as the population goes down.

Hunting Leases in Michigan

If you want to skip the pressure of public hunting land, get a high-quality hunting lease. A hunting lease put the power in your hands on when and where you want to do your hunt. Our sister company Base Camp Leasingspeciliazes in hunting leases across the country. Check out their leases in Michigan and see what they have to offer.

Is Rural Michigan Land Right For Me?

Whether you are looking for land to hunt or a place to call home, the land for sale in Michigan is unique and full of things that make people buy it as soon as it is available.

Don’t miss our chance to get the property of your dream! See what we have available right now. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, don’t worry. Base Camp Country Real Estates and professionals are always searching for new ones.

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