The Impact of Covid-19 on Hunting and Outdoor Life

The most commonly used phrase for 2020 will likely be “social distancing”. If you are like us, we’re growing a little weary of reading it and hearing it everywhere we turn.  Mainly because of the impact it has had on all of us. Whether it be for the inconveniences of shopping and entertainment. Or for the air of uncertainty that it makes us all feel. But as the weather has made its annual turn, and spring has begun showing its renewing and refreshing effect on the dull and drab of late-winter, optimism and life abounds in our land! There has never been a better time than now for Rural Land Investment.


If you are reading this you are very likely an avid outdoor enthusiast. Spring season is absolutely a favorite time of year for folks like us. By getting outside we can be filled with anticipation, enjoying the fresh air, vibrant and bursting colors and the sounds of songbirds brought on by the welcomed sunshine and warming temperatures. Participating in your favorite outdoor activity this season should hold some extra special meaning.  Whether it be attempting to call in a gobbling turkey, looking for a big batch of morel mushrooms. Or fishing for crappies ,bass and beginning the next chapter of habitat improvement projects. There is no shortage of outdoor opportunities during this time of year.  We will all be extra thankful for our health and the opportunity to pursue our passions in the outdoors. In this great country that we are all blessed to live in.

Base Camp Country Difference

Base Camp Country Real Estate is focused on helping folks find their favorite place to be out in the country. We are talking to customers daily who have come to realize during this crisis, that re-connecting with the outdoors, often with their family, is of highest importance to them.  Slowing down, re-evaluating priorities, and longing to get back to a healthier, land-connected lifestyle is a trend that we feel is only just beginning.  Whether you are looking for a recreational tract for hunting, a large rural tract to build a new home or investing in quality farmland we are here to help you!

Why NOW is the right time for Rural Land Investment

A couple of the notable effects of a strong economy before these events took place were fantastic interest rates for buyers. With gas prices like we haven’t seen in a long time.  All the more reasons for folks to be “chomping at the bit” to get back to pursuing their passions.  Along with enjoying outdoors with their loved ones.  Maybe you are new to the prospect of owning your own land, expanding your current property. Or it has been a strong desire for years, there may never been a better time to get it done.  The recent stock market volatility has also had a negative effect on many 401k’s and portfolios. Land investments can provide a safe harbor for your money, enable memorable experiences with family and friends while creating a family legacy.


We understand land, the draw that it has, and the intrinsic value that it holds.  We know first-hand the enjoyment that comes and the memories that can be made.  Allow one of our land buying professionals to assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for.  Our team is trulyRural Land Investment Rural Land Investment professionals. Who more than happily represent buyers and sellers in safe and efficient transactions.  For Base Camp Country it truly is “More Than Just Dirt, It’s A Lifestyle.”