There is something undeniably American about owning your own piece of vacant land. Untouched real estate with only your imagination limits what you can do on it, from building a dream home to creating your ultimate hunting habitat. Buying land anywhere can be an amazing investment, especially in 2021, especially in Ohio.

Knowing you want to own land is the easy part. Deciding exactly WHERE to buy that land is a whole different decision. In this particular blog, we will be going over the highlights of buying rural land in Ohio.

Why Buy Land in Ohio

The state of Ohio may not jump off the page when you start thinking about where to buy your dreamland. But don’t be fooled; Ohio has many advantages that other states do not.

  • Big cities: Ohio is home to multiple large cities spread throughout the entire state. With cities like Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and others all over the state. You are never too far from a large city. Which can be optimal for some people.
  • Seasonal Beauty: Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of visiting Ohio in the fall or spring would be able to back me up on this. Ohio is not just gorgeous by Midwest standards; it is truly one of the most scenic places in the country for some months out of the year. Pair that with its coastline on lake Erie and multiple national parks to get you a state’s true gem.

How to Buy Land in Ohio

Buying rural real estate is much different from buying a house in a neighborhood. There are multiple factors to consider that the uninitiated might find confusing. That is why you want to work with professionals who have been in the industry for years. On top of that, working with people who live the outdoor lifestyle is important. That’s why working with a land real estate company like Base Camp Country can be the difference-maker in finding just land or finding your DREAM property.Jackson County, Ohio - Land For Sale A-0342 | Base Camp Country

Hunting in Ohio.

For many people looking to buy rural land, the quality of hunting in the area is almost as important as anything else. Ohio happens to be one of the best whitetail hunting states in the country. Consistently cracking into the Boone and Crockett Club, this state has been home to some serious monster bucks.

Public land hunting in Ohio: Home to far more public land than many people might think, there are multiple options throughout the state to chase bug bucks. Some of the more well-known spots being:

  • Shawnee State Forest: located in the southwest part of the state, Shawnee State Forest boasts over 60,000 acres. Making it the largest public hunting land in the state. Known for its thick foliage, this is the place to be if you are looking for a rugged hunting experience.
  • Woodbury Wildlife Area: Arguably, the most popular public hunting ground would be the Woodbury Wildlife Area. Just an hour-and-a-half northeast of Columbus, this area is about 20,000 acres. Making it large for the state and full of trophy whitetail. While the competition in a spot like this, the area is known for its beautiful views. Making it worth your while even if you don’t take something home with you.
  • Conesville Coal Lands: Taking a step back from the larger and sometimes crowded areas of the state is the Conesville Coal Lands. At 12,000 acres, this spot is considerably smaller than some other areas of public land. But with its need for a permit, the competition tends to be lower than some of the other grounds.Land for Sale | Land Listings | Base Camp Country

Private Hunting Land in Ohio

For many serious hunters, hunting on private land is truly the only way to do it these days. With the lack of competition, finding a solid hunting lease is a huge win. The only thing better than buying a year-long hunting lease in Ohio to get a crack at some big bucks is owning a piece of land yourself.

Ohio is well known for its massive deer, killer turkeys, and overall high-quality hunting experience. This is why owning a piece of rural land in Ohio that you can hunt on is such a great investment. Both for the financial gain that can come from you leasing the land yourself. Or just the joy you gain from owning land in one of the best hunting spots in the country.

From the Ground Up

Being able to call a piece of Ohio yours is something not many people can say.  But the land there is on the rise and always will be. They’re not making any more of it.

Being able to call yourself a landowner is something to take pride in. Knowing that you are the master of your domain. That you and your family will always have a piece of America carved out for yourself. Free to hunt, explore, and live freely. Doing it in Ohio makes it a little sweeter.