Ionia County, Michigan


  • Ionia County
  • Acres: 76.65
  • Asking Price: $399,900

Michigan Land For Sale | #A-0351 — Very nice 76.65 +/- acres of farm ground! Drainage through the property and currently leased for crop farming. Nicely priced so don’t wait. Recently sold a piece over $6000 per acre of farm ground very close to this.

0 Hartwell Rd Saranac, Michigan 48881

Property Features

76.65 Acres in Ionia County

  • All tillable ground
  • Access from two roads

Potential Passive Income By Leasing Hunting Rights


Base Camp Leasing has been the #1 hunting lease company in the United States for more than 20 years. Landowners can earn passive income from leasing out the hunting rights to their land to our database of hunters. Base Camp Leasing handles the whole process from start to finish for a head-ache-free experience.

*Hunting Lease Information provided by

Gerald Feenstra

Michigan Land Professional

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Mitch Feenstra

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