If you are looking for expert consultation on Land & Wildlife Management, look no further! Our team of Land & Wildlife Management Professionals not only understands the value of your property, but also understands the value of making sure you are getting the most potential out of it. Whether it’s a project on 20 acres or a project on 20,000 acres we have you covered, no project too big or too small. The journey to better hunting, habitat, and recreation is at your fingertips, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

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The first step is to take the time to get to know you through a detailed interview process. This allows our team of professionals to give honest feedback on the expectations of your property and will allow us to assist you in developing a management plan with your goals and objectives in mind. Our consultants understand the importance of getting to know you, your goals, and your desired outcomes before we start any assessment of your property.


Understanding your goals and objectives is the top priority and sets the stage for our digital or onsite assessment. We understand that each one of our clients and properties is different, so our approach to identifying the gaps between your goals and objectives are, and the current state of your property is key to formulating the right strategies to implement.


We have set the bar high for ourselves and take pride in setting the standard in positioning our clients for success. Our consultants will take the time to produce and deliver a professional detailed plan with your goals and objectives at the forefront of our recommended strategies.


Your success is our success! We are professional consultants that take pride in what we have to offer, upfront and honest opinions that turn into a workable comprehensive management plan. We will provide you with a complete plan that is unique to your property and ready for you to implement. Our consultants have been assisting clients all over the country for years in achieving the full potential of their properties. Check out what our clients are saying below.


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Land and Wildlife Management
Digital Consultation
Provides a graphical visual strategy with supporting written recommendations that align with your objectives and goals for your property.
Onsite Consultation
Provides a comprehensive assessment of the current state of your property with a graphical visual strategy and supporting written recommendations that align with your objectives and goals for your property.
Property Assessment
A comprehensive written assessment by the consultant of the current state of your property. This sets the stage for the analysis of creating the right Land & Wildlife Management Plan with supporting recommendations to achieve your objectives and goals for your property.
Land & Wildlife Management Plan
A comprehensive written strategy of recommendations by the consultant provides you with a compass for achieving your objectives and goals for your property.
Supporting Aerial Maps and Graphics
Provides a graphical visual strategy that supports your specific Land & Wildlife Management Plan & recommendations.
Land Management Calendar
A physical and digital calendar that is customized for suggested planting/land management dates corresponding with your specific habitat and wildlife plan.
HuntStand Vinyl 36″ x 24″ Map
A printed HuntStand Polly-Vynal Hybrid 36”x24” customized map of your property. These are great in-the-field, leave-in-the-truck types of maps.
HuntStand Framed 36″ x 24″ Map
A printed and framed HuntStand Stretch Canvas 36”x24” customized wall map of your property. Display your property on the wall with these well-built framed maps.

Hunting Log Book

Capture the hunting conditions, sightings, and harvest data in these hunting log books. It is a great way to capture those finer details that just may help you pattern the buck you are after or serve as a way to reminisce about past hunts in the field.
Branded No Trespassing Signs
Premium white poly weather resistant no trespassing signs custom designed by Base Camp Country.

Land & Wildlife Management Program Manager

“Since I began following this desire to “make things better than I found them” in wildlife habitat back in the early 1980’s I have found that nothing in the outdoors compares to the satisfaction of seeing the land and its inhabitants respond positively to things that I put my hands to. Many of these fingerprints left behind will be here long after I am gone, and that is a humbling prospect. I understand the emotion and love connected to your land…I too am blessed to be a landowner….one who is hopelessly obsessed with “bettering” our family land. I very much am looking forward to walking alongside you down the path to a better property.”

  • 33 years of land & wildlife management experience

  • Purdue graduate in Landscape Architecture and Wildlife Management

  • Inventor of the “Firminator” food plot implement

  • Contributor to “The Management Advantage” digital series

Patrick McFadden Indiana Land Professional

Land & Wildlife Management Professional

“I learned as a young adult, in the 1980’s, that I wanted and needed to make a difference in the quality of wildlife habitat. My background in farming and living the outdoor lifestyle my entire life has afforded me the opportunity to learn how to make that difference. I have been involved in thousands of acres of habitat rehabilitation and many successful projects.

I have a farm dedicated solely to wildlife habitat, so I understand the effort needed to be successful. I will listen to your needs, and I promise to give you 100% of my professional knowledge, experience, passion, and personal drive to build a comprehensive plan that will help your property flourish. 

  • 26 years of land & wildlife management experience

  • NWTF Indiana State Chapter President and Habitat Coordinator (2015 – present)

  • Lifetime member of the National Wild Turkey Federation

  • Member of the Indiana Prescribed Fire Council Legislative Scoping Committee

Josh Imber Ohio Land Professional

Land & Wildlife Management Professional

I distinctly remember learning from my father and grandfather at a very young age to “always put back into nature more than you take out.” Those words instilled into me the idea and the drive that without quality habitats, you would not have quality wildlife. This grew into a passion of manipulating habitats and watching wildlife respond to those changes. I followed that passion to college, received my degree, then stepped into multiple different habitat management careers that have afforded me the opportunity to help people by manipulating habitats for them.

Since those early days, I have since taken over habitat plans on our family ground in the mid-2000’s. In the last few years, I have evolved that habitat passion that I started with, into helping landowners achieve those same goals that we started with years ago. Now with nearly 20 years of firsthand experience, knowledge, training and yes a lesson or two of hard knocks, I feel I am uniquely set up to assist you in achieving these goals.    

  • 19 years of land & wildlife management experience

  • Associate’s degree in wildlife management

  • State Wildlife Assistant (10,000 acres managed)

  • Government advisor in CRP, EQIP and WRP


Our Passion for Land and Wildlife Management Runs Deep

Land stewardship is the foundation of why we do what we do.  Sharing our knowledge with those who have the same passion is a gift and obligation we take seriously.  We are proud to provide the tools and direction needed to support the future enhancement and preservation of your property. “More Than Just Dirt, It’s A Lifestyle”



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