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New Hunting Tech 2021 | E-Bikes | Guide

Electric bikes are being used for hunting. A sentence that just a few years ago would seem foreign to many outdoorsmen. But in the age of technology, e-bikes designed specifically to assist hunters are all the rage. Landing somewhere in between an ATV and traditional bike, these off-road-ready two-wheelers are changing the way hunters get […]

7 Hunting Gadgets Under $20| Gift Guide

To some, hearing hunting means only a few things: guns and camo. But, to real hunters, we understand that sometimes our bag has too many tools in it to count. 2021 is a confusing time for hunters when it comes to gear. There is a never-ending amount of new gear to try that is coming […]

3 Advantages to Owning Land!

2020-2021 showed a mass exodus of cities, towns, neighborhoods, and populated places as a whole. Driven by the unwarranted solidarity given to us by COVID, people are changing where they want to live and raise a family. From renting homes to owning land, change is coming. Can you  blame them? Forget the events of the […]

Summer Setup| Trail Cams Best Spots

You may think that hunting is something done of instinct, drive, and determination. While all of those things play a big role in a hunter’s success, another critical aspect has been growing in popularity. Information. A broad term, but the way it can assist you in your next hunt is unprecedented. Getting additional information on […]