Land for sale in missouri

Land for sale in Missouri

Buying rural land has been on the raise the last couple of years. As society moves away from cities and neighborhoods, the time to buy land has never been greater. As both an investment for your future and a way to enjoy the outdoors. Buying land should be your next big move, but where should you buy the land? Land that is for sale in Missouri could just be the fit for you.

Why Buy in Missouri – Hunting

One of the biggest reasons people buy their own rural land is their love of hunting. Missouri holds many advantages when it comes to hunting compared to other states, including:

  • Public Hunting: Missouri has some of the most plentiful whitetail land in the country. Areas like the Ozarks, Aracdia Valley region and the Mark Twain National forest. It has 1.4 MILLION acres of national forest that is o[pen to hunting.
  • Native Animals. Missouri boasts many varieties such as, turkey, rabbit, squirrel, woodcock, mourning doves, ducks, raccoon, bobcat, fox and coyote. To name just a few.
  • Soil: While it might not seem like something that would make Missouri such a great place to hunt, the soil is uncommonly rich. Making it great for soybean production, which in turn attracts plenty of deer to the area.
  • Leasing: With how great the hunting is in Missouri, you unlock the unique ability to lease your land for hunting rights. Giving you an opportunity to make some serious money back on your land investment, just by letting people hunt it! Companies like Base Camp Leasing offer simple ways to offer your land to hunters who are willing to buy. Making the return on investment on your land in Missouri that much better

Land Investments in Missouri.

A mentioned above, the soil in Missouri is perfect for farming. Giving the price of the land an upward trend that makes it a great investment. Which also gives you the opportunity in the future to lease part of your land to farmers, OR sell it for higher than you bough it in years to come.

Property taxes in the state are also generally low compared to the rest of the country.

If you are looking for a state with water features but aren’t trying to go coastal, Missouri might be for you. With more coast line than California, there are plenty of places across the state that would make great places for rural homes or land investment.

How to Buy in Missouri

Buying rural property is a bigger task than simply buying commercial real estate. There are dozens of factors that play into whether you should buy the land or not. Which is why working with an experienced land professional can be so beneficial to the process.

Working with the agents of BCCRE help to relieve much of the pressure that comes with buying land. WE help to find the perfect property for you SPECIFIC needs. With years of experience, our land professionals work diligently to find you the land of your dreams. Land for sale in Missouri is on the raise and properties move fast.

Missouri Land For sale

Buying land in general is seen as one of the best investments you could make. They aren’t making any more of it and it will continue to raise in value for years.

Buying land in Missouri specifically is a great investment for many reason. If you are a hunter looking to for a prime spot to call your own, Missouri is for you. If you are looking for a solid investment that can ensure a great future, Missouri is for you.

If you don’t see the perfect property right away, don’t worry! We are constantly updating our sites with new properties.

Illinois Land For Sale

Land for Sale in Illinois – Breakdown

Illinois land for sale

Out of all the places to own land in America, some might think “Well why Illinois”. While it may not be a exotic location full of rare animals. It still has many distinct advantages to it. From the deer hunting, to possible timber land, Illinois is a great place to buy land. We have multiple pieces of land for sale in Illinois right now and after reading this article. You’ll be one of dying to see if you can snag a little piece of the prairie state for yourself!

Hunting Advantages

If you have come across this blog in search of your dream property in Illinois, then there is a good chance you are an avid hunter or outdoorsman. Even if you aren’t, knowing about how good Illinois deer hunting is, could end up putting money in your pocket.

Public Hunting

Like many states, the public hunting ground in Illinois is not nearly as vast as its counterparts up north. That does not mean however that is does not exist.

  • North: On the state line with Wisconsin is McHenry County. As one of the five counties surrounding the Chicago area, most of the land is in private hands and probably does not allow hunting. With the small amount of land, success can vary
  • Central: East Illinois has the Clinton Lake State Recreation Area. About 3,693 acres of its 9,300 acres are huntable. The area is a combination of oak/hickory woodlands and open grassland. This combination makes for pretty szeable deer
  • South: Rend Lake, the state property consists of 7,690 acres of huntable land out of the total 12,690 total acreage

All public hunting has its own select rules and regulations on hunting. Make sure to check with he local government before attempting any kind of hunt.

Private Hunting on Illinois Land

While there is definitely public hunting to be found in Illinois, private land hunting is where it is really at. With the ability to hunt, pressure and competition free. You not only will have a better experience hunting, but a much better chance of taking down the big buck you have been dreaming about. Land for sale in Illinois goes fast, so if you see a property, jump on it!

Owning your own piece of private land in deer country is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself as a deer hunter/land owner. Besides the obvious fact that you can have better hunts yourself, what if you’re not a big hunter and just want land in Illinois? The option to LEASE your own land out to hunters has never been easier. With companies like Base Camp Leasing, the process has been simplified. You are just a few clicks away from making thousands of dollars on your Illinois land by leasing it out to hunters who are interested.

Other Income

Besides being able to lease out your land to interested hunters, there are other easy that you can easily make money on your land.

  • Timber Property: If your land has the correct type of timber on it then you may be able to have that processed and turned into money. Who says money doesn’t grow on trees!
  • Camping Properties: 2021 means big things for families and finding new ways to enjoy the outdoors. With camping and other social distanced activities on the raise, turning your piece of private land into a rentable camp site is a huge possibility.

Final Thoughts on Land For Sale In Illinois

Illinois is overall just one of the best places to buy land. WE have multiple properties for sale in Illinois right now, that are going FAST, Get in contact with us and one of our agents today and let US help YOU find the land of your dreams for sale in illinois.

How to deal with trespassers on privat land

Private Land: Trespassers

Owning your own piece of hunting land is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. It gives you the freedom to cultivate the land anyway you want, as well as regulate it how you please. However, owning and maintaining a pristine piece of land can have its setbacks. One of those major setbacks being trespassers, or people hunting your land without your permission! That is both illegal to do and can be detrimental to the land you worked so hard for. Here are some innovative easy to keep unwanted people off your private land!

Signs, Everywhere

No trespassing signs are the first thing people think about when planning how to keep people off their property. Signs provide a clear message to whoever is reading it, that should be easy to understand. Do not let trespassers have the chance to say that they didn’t see your signs. Make sure they are clearly visible, removing any brush or foliage that can get in the way over time. Other tips for signs:

  • Put them out of reach of trespassers. Making the signs too high to take down gives you the piece of nmind that no one can simply remove your sign
  • Put signs on every entrance and exit. As well as signs going along any border or fencing on your hunting land.

Create a Community

Your neighbors and the people with adjacent property lines can be one of your biggest assets when it comes to stopping trespassers.Making it clear to everyone around you that your land is private both lets your neighbors know to stay off without permissions. As well as puts more sets of eyes on your properties. The better relationship you have with those around you gives you a better chance of catching trespassers!

Barriers, Borders and Fences for your Private Land

Planting natural border around your hunting property is a great way to improve its privacy. Through planting a combination of trees, shrubs, and grasses you will be able to create an organic border for your property. Which will also add to the overall foliage and coverage for the wild,life on your property.  If you are looking for a fast privacy solution’s, grasses like corn are perfect. They grow tall quickly over a span of just a few moths.

A more permanent solution would be the planting of trees. While time consuming, planting trees as privacy is a great way top improve your land overall. The best trees to use as a border will depend on the region you like in. For some areas, pine trees would be the ultimate option. While in others, you may not have that tree available to you.

Coyote Hunting

Coyote Hunting: Hunt the Hunter

Coyotes are here, and they are everywhere. While most hunters did not grow up with coyotes on their list on animals that they hunt, they are now present in 49 states. Which means hunters from all across the country are diving head first into the world of coyote hunting. If you’re new to hunting coyotes, own land where they are becoming a problem, or are simply interested in the future consequences of this species, then this blog is for you.

Why Hunt Coyotes

Population Control

The first and most pressing problems with coyotes is there lack of natural predators, causing their population to grow every year. They are usually unaffected by things that would destroy a different animals population. For example, if a food source has been depleted a coyote is willing to migrate to where the food now is. For a coyote food could mean anything from food waste to a full size buck, making them extremely resilient. The lifespan of a coyote is also 10 years, with mating being possible after the first 2 years. Which just adds to the ever growing population that is costing land owners and hunters some serious coin.


One of the most serious and wide spread danger of coyotes is the diseases that the animal is often associated with. Canine hepatitis and canine distemper are the most popular disease carried by coyotes. These are dangerous things to have spread around because they greatly effect domestic dogs, distemper has even been shown to be fatal. They also have the normal wild animal diseases like rabies that can be spread to both other animals and humans. Overall the entire species is prone to disease. They are actively spreading it to all surrounding wildlife through feces and urine. Making them extremely dangerous to animal populations as a whole.

More Hunting!

Outside of the fact that coyotes are a nuisance to wildlife, hunting these things is just fun! Many states have year round coyote seasons, and those that aren’t have multiple legal seasons. Making this a viable option to scratch your hunting itch during the off seasons. Going out in the off seasons for other species is also a bonus when it comes to scouting. Giving you a different look at how the animals are acting which will make them easier to predict later on.

Future of Coyote Hunting

Hunting Coyotes is something that is both a fun challenge and completely necessary for the healthy survival of wildlife. Their population numbers growing annually. So  you can expect the trend of coyote hunting to continue on for years to come. If you are a farmer or landowner, especially in the Midwest, there are specific tactics that you can use to keep coyotes off of your land. Which can stop them from cutting into your profits.

Deer scouting in early season

Deer Scouting: Why Early is Best

Deer season has been over across the country for weeks now. Leaving  hunters either satisfied with last years season or disappointed and eager to get back to the woods. Whether 2020 was full of big bucks or more empty truck beds then you would like to admit, lets make deer season 2021 even better with deer scouting early!

Seeing that is early February, some people may question why right now is such an optimal time to start there deer scouting. There are a few things that make February such a great time to scout deer including:

Combating Laziness

When you start planning for your season this far out, it gives you far more time to do all of your planning. You can avoid the fall rush of deer season and get an early jump by starting in February.


With it being mid march, the trees are still bare. Making it much easier to see things like deer travel patterns, bedding and feeding areas are clear.  Great time to scout for the following year.

Rut Signs

This is arguably the best time of the year to locate rut signs. Searching at this point in the year is great because any signs from the fall will show. Since deer are creatures of habit, what they did last year should be a great indicator for what they will do this year. Signs like scrapes will be visible now, get out early before the green returns to the trees for easier locating. Rub lines can help lead you to either a food source or a doe bedding area, both great finds.

Geographical Features for Deer Scouting

March is also the perfect time to search for a number of land features that may be hard to spot in the spring and fall. Bottlenecks and pinch points are two of the most obvious and useful things to look for. Again, playing into how deer are creatures of habits if you can locate a natural funnel it is highly possible a deer has used that and will use it again. Pinch points are similar, with deer using them to get from one piece of timber to the next. Without them having to leave the security of the woods. Pay attention to these things now and have them remembered when it comes time to set up blinds and stands.

Buck trails will also be easier to find. Use this time to find the worn down paths that have been used for years and will be used again. The trails you find out in the open will typically be used by younger bucks and does, while the buck trails tend to be in more covered areas.

Shed Hunting

While it is almost always a good idea to look for shed antlers, this point in march is a great time. Shed hunting is a huge part of wildlife management in general and especially important is early season deer scouting. It gives the hunter a general idea of any bucks that they may have missed and which bucks survived the season and are still alive. As always, an antler found on your property should give you a scope of what size the bucks where you are hunting are.  Both of which should be things you are paying attention too during your scouting.

Early year deer scouting is one of the best things you can do to increase your chances of taking home a big buck this year. The earlier you get started, the better chance you will have everything perfect for this years deer season. So get out there, follow these tips on how to do it right, and happy scouting! Here’s to your best season yet!

Purude Hunting Education

Hunting Education: Purdue’s Plan

Hunting’s Role in Conservation

Those of us in the hunting community understand all the great things that hunting does for environment. From raising conservation efforts to providing a brighter future for the wildlife. Hunting has an extremely positive effect on nature for as long as it has been around. However not everyone knows the benefits of hunting. Which is why Purdue University has started a Conservation Management program over hunting education. In an effort to better educate the public on the benefits of hunting . As well continue the amazing conservation efforts that are funded by hunting.

Purdue University, located in West Layfyette, decided that wildlife conservation through hunting is extremely important and should be spread to the greater population. They launched a course titled “Hunting for Conservation”. A class that focuses on multiple aspects of North American Hunting.

  • Cultural
  • Biological’
  • Economic
  • Policy

It also breaks down a more detailed look of public lands and wildlife resources in the US and Canada. A focus is put on the lands proper management as well as detailing hunting’s crucial role in wildlife diversity.

The Future of Hunting Education

Currently the class, Hunting for Conservation, is a part of the schools wildlife major program. However, Purdue is looking towards the future and making it into an online class that will be available all over the country. Purdue has a long standing history with hunting education, often sending their top students to different conservation workshops.

“The pandemic thrust us into pushing ahead,” said Zachary Lowe, national coordinator for Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow. “The partnership with Purdue was a natural fit. There’s no way we could have done this without Purdue’s expertise in distance learning.”

Previously only available to wildlife students, Purdue expects this class to be helpful across multiple majors. Things like forestry, biology, and agriculture can all benefit from the information taught in this class.

“It makes people who are going out to manage our natural resources aware of hunters and how they interact with those resources,” said Andrew DeWoody, a Purdue forestry and natural resources and biology professor.

Helping Hunting Education Grow

The class is centered around the idea of wildlife management. Specifically, population management and making sure animal populations will be safe in the future. They use hunting as a prime example of proper population control. Past just the fact that hunters are sim;ply hunting the animals to keep the numbers balanced, the money made from hunting is huge for state departments and wildlife funds.

Purdue’s wildlife course also does an amazing job of including all aspects of hunting education into the course. Going over things like:

  • How firearms work
  • Hunting Safety Principles
  • Basics of Hunting
  • Ethical Hunting

As well as many others important and interesting things! This program is a great step forward in showing the public all the amazing things hunting does. Purdue hopes that Universities all over the country will adopt this class. Which will further spread awareness on wildlife management and conservation!


Living The Lifestyle: Youth Turkey Hunt

At Base Camp Country, we believe that “It’s more than just dirt, it’s a lifestyle” and we live our motto every day. We believe that in order to grow the tradition and leave behind a lasting legacy, teaching the youth of America to hunt in a responsible, safe, and ethical manner is important.

Follow COO, Nathan Mrnak as he takes his daughter on her first Turkey hunt.

If you’re looking to have your own piece of land to live the outdoor lifestyle, contact our agents below!

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Covid-19: The Growing Value of Rural Land Ownership

The Impact of Covid-19 on Hunting and Outdoor Life

The most commonly used phrase for 2020 will likely be “social distancing”. If you are like us, we’re growing a little weary of reading it and hearing it everywhere we turn.  Mainly because of the impact it has had on all of us. Whether it be for the inconveniences of shopping and entertainment. Or for the air of uncertainty that it makes us all feel. But as the weather has made its annual turn, and spring has begun showing its renewing and refreshing effect on the dull and drab of late-winter, optimism and life abounds in our land! There has never been a better time than now for Rural Land Investment.


If you are reading this you are very likely an avid outdoor enthusiast. Spring season is absolutely a favorite time of year for folks like us. By getting outside we can be filled with anticipation, enjoying the fresh air, vibrant and bursting colors and the sounds of songbirds brought on by the welcomed sunshine and warming temperatures. Participating in your favorite outdoor activity this season should hold some extra special meaning.  Whether it be attempting to call in a gobbling turkey, looking for a big batch of morel mushrooms. Or fishing for crappies ,bass and beginning the next chapter of habitat improvement projects. There is no shortage of outdoor opportunities during this time of year.  We will all be extra thankful for our health and the opportunity to pursue our passions in the outdoors. In this great country that we are all blessed to live in.

Base Camp Country Difference

Base Camp Country Real Estate is focused on helping folks find their favorite place to be out in the country. We are talking to customers daily who have come to realize during this crisis, that re-connecting with the outdoors, often with their family, is of highest importance to them.  Slowing down, re-evaluating priorities, and longing to get back to a healthier, land-connected lifestyle is a trend that we feel is only just beginning.  Whether you are looking for a recreational tract for hunting, a large rural tract to build a new home or investing in quality farmland we are here to help you!

Why NOW is the right time for Rural Land Investment

A couple of the notable effects of a strong economy before these events took place were fantastic interest rates for buyers. With gas prices like we haven’t seen in a long time.  All the more reasons for folks to be “chomping at the bit” to get back to pursuing their passions.  Along with enjoying outdoors with their loved ones.  Maybe you are new to the prospect of owning your own land, expanding your current property. Or it has been a strong desire for years, there may never been a better time to get it done.  The recent stock market volatility has also had a negative effect on many 401k’s and portfolios. Land investments can provide a safe harbor for your money, enable memorable experiences with family and friends while creating a family legacy.


We understand land, the draw that it has, and the intrinsic value that it holds.  We know first-hand the enjoyment that comes and the memories that can be made.  Allow one of our land buying professionals to assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for.  Our team is trulyRural Land Investment Rural Land Investment professionals. Who more than happily represent buyers and sellers in safe and efficient transactions.  For Base Camp Country it truly is “More Than Just Dirt, It’s A Lifestyle.”