Properties in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a state best known for its natural beauty and seemingly endless acres of dairy farms. Amazing hunting areas in the northern part of the state make Wisconsin the perfect place for hunters and investors alike. There is something for anyone looking to buy rural land in Wisconsin, between its plentiful turkey and deer hunting to its high-quality soil for farming. It’s 2021, and there has NEVER been a better time to buy land!

Things to do on Wisconsin land.

One of the real joys of owning your own land is the ability to do anything you want on it. Whether the land is just for recreation or you plan on turning it into an investment property, it’s up to you!

Farm Land & Hobby Farm

From a weekend hobby to a new career, farms in Wisconsin are a great investment. The state has a long history of agriculture and is full of rich soil that makes farming that much easier.

Hobby farming is also just a great time! You have the freedom to make it as large or as small as you like. Giving you the decision on how much work you want to put into it.

Timberland Investment

Suppose you are looking to turn your timber into a serious investment opportunity, head north. The northern forests of Wisconsin are home to some seriously great timber like fine and Douglas fir.  The badger state takes its forestry seriously and has multiple programs dedicated to sustaining the forests. Making it a viable and sustainable way to bring in income! If you do not want to do the work yourself, leasing off portions of your valuable timberland could prove to be another option! Before buying land, consult with a land professional who will be able to tell you if the land you bought is suitable for timber.


Buying land should be fun! You’re making the jump into the exclusive club of owning a little piece of America. But buying isn’t the only fun part; it’s what you can do on that land that’s fun!

Owning your own land, especially in Wisconsin, unlocks an almost infinite amount of things you can do on your property. Some summer activities in Wisconsin would be…

  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • ATV
  • Horseback riding

Don’t forget that Wisonscni is a Northern state! Meaning they get heavy winters and LOTS of snow. The fun doesn’t stop there, though! There are a ton of winter act invites that the folks of Wisconsin due to pass the time.

  • Snowboarding
  • Ice fishing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Cross country skiing

By investing in recreational property in Wisconsin, you and your family can experience true fun and relaxation year after year. Wisconsin recreational properties are sure to appreciate in the future, providing a valuable return on your investment. Unlike some states, Wisconsin experiences a little bit of every season. From snow-filled winter to 100 degree days, that would be best spent on a boat. Buying land in Wisconsin means that you can do any type of recreation you can dream of!


  • Deer hunting; When you look at the number of Wisconsin deer hunting (amount of public land, cost of licenses, hunting opportunity, etc.), they are among the highest in the country. The state boasts a 1.2 million estimated whitetail population and sells around 700,000 licenses annually. Those are some serious statistics that really highlight how important deer hunting is to the state of Wisconsin.
  • Duck Hunting: While duck hunting might not be synonymous with Wisconsin, you can find pockets of great duck hunting all over the state. The closer you are to the Mississippi River, the better your chances are with its massive flyway. More great spots will be scattered around the state, giving you the option to travel only a short distance from your land. If you plan on doing duck hunting ON your land, then make sure you consult with a professional first. They will tell you if your rural land in Wisconsin has the right requirements for duck hunting.
  • Turkey hunting: It is widely acknowledged across the state that Wisconsin is prime turkey hunting land. Alongside its impressive population numbers, 350,000 is also home to the perfect habitat. The state’s southern third is home to hardwood forests, farm fields, river bottoms, grasslands, and wetlands. So no matter what type of hunting you prefer, Wisconsin has it for you.

The southern third of the state may be home to the BEST turkey hunting, but good hunting stretches border to border, with some decent hunting in the Northern parts of the state. Wisconsin is full of eastern turkeys and sells over 220,000 licenses every year.

A quote from the Wisconsin DNR

The wild turkey is truly one of Wisconsin’s wildlife management success stories. A key role in the success of the wild turkey management program can be attributed to hunters through their purchase of the Wild Turkey Stamp, which provides vital financial support in providing for future opportunities for turkey management and hunting in Wisconsin. Since wild turkeys were first successfully reintroduced into Wisconsin in 1976, population levels continue to increase and expand statewide. Successful restoration of the wild turkey resulted from tremendous hunter and landowner support, good survival, and high-quality habitat.


Overall, Wisconsin is a state for people who want to spend time outdoors. From seasons to terrain, the state has something for any outdoorsman. The investment opportunities are endless, and so is the chance for recreation! Upgrade your life today by buying rural land in Wisconsin!