Illinois Land For Sale

Land for Sale in Illinois – Breakdown

Illinois land for sale

Out of all the places to own land in America, some might think “Well why Illinois”. While it may not be a exotic location full of rare animals. It still has many distinct advantages to it. From the deer hunting, to possible timber land, Illinois is a great place to buy land. We have multiple pieces of land for sale in Illinois right now and after reading this article. You’ll be one of dying to see if you can snag a little piece of the prairie state for yourself!

Hunting Advantages

If you have come across this blog in search of your dream property in Illinois, then there is a good chance you are an avid hunter or outdoorsman. Even if you aren’t, knowing about how good Illinois deer hunting is, could end up putting money in your pocket.

Public Hunting

Like many states, the public hunting ground in Illinois is not nearly as vast as its counterparts up north. That does not mean however that is does not exist.

  • North: On the state line with Wisconsin is McHenry County. As one of the five counties surrounding the Chicago area, most of the land is in private hands and probably does not allow hunting. With the small amount of land, success can vary
  • Central: East Illinois has the Clinton Lake State Recreation Area. About 3,693 acres of its 9,300 acres are huntable. The area is a combination of oak/hickory woodlands and open grassland. This combination makes for pretty szeable deer
  • South: Rend Lake, the state property consists of 7,690 acres of huntable land out of the total 12,690 total acreage

All public hunting has its own select rules and regulations on hunting. Make sure to check with he local government before attempting any kind of hunt.

Private Hunting on Illinois Land

While there is definitely public hunting to be found in Illinois, private land hunting is where it is really at. With the ability to hunt, pressure and competition free. You not only will have a better experience hunting, but a much better chance of taking down the big buck you have been dreaming about. Land for sale in Illinois goes fast, so if you see a property, jump on it!

Owning your own piece of private land in deer country is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself as a deer hunter/land owner. Besides the obvious fact that you can have better hunts yourself, what if you’re not a big hunter and just want land in Illinois? The option to LEASE your own land out to hunters has never been easier. With companies like Base Camp Leasing, the process has been simplified. You are just a few clicks away from making thousands of dollars on your Illinois land by leasing it out to hunters who are interested.

Other Income

Besides being able to lease out your land to interested hunters, there are other easy that you can easily make money on your land.

  • Timber Property: If your land has the correct type of timber on it then you may be able to have that processed and turned into money. Who says money doesn’t grow on trees!
  • Camping Properties: 2021 means big things for families and finding new ways to enjoy the outdoors. With camping and other social distanced activities on the raise, turning your piece of private land into a rentable camp site is a huge possibility.

Final Thoughts on Land For Sale In Illinois

Illinois is overall just one of the best places to buy land. WE have multiple properties for sale in Illinois right now, that are going FAST, Get in contact with us and one of our agents today and let US help YOU find the land of your dreams for sale in illinois.

Land for sale in Indiana

Land for Sale in Indiana – Breakdown

Indiana Land for sale

If you are looking for rural land or land to hunt, then Indiana is the perfect spot. From its diverse seasons, to high quality hunting ground, Indiana has proven to be a top destination for hunters and landowners. See what makes land for sale in Indiana so great!

Why Indiana

Deciding to purchase a piece of land for yourself is one of the most important decisions you can make in life. No longer are you confined to the control of landlords or neighborhood authority. You are the master of your domain and the unlimited freedoms that come with being a landowner are life changing. Just knowing you want to own land is not enough. You need to decide where you want your new property to be. At Base Camp Country Real Estate, each of the states we list properties in have their own distinct advantages. This blog will be going over the things that make the land for sale in Indiana different than the rest. As well as why it is a top notch place to invest. Giving the reader all the information that they may need on deciding if the new piece of rural land they want is in Indiana.

Indiana Hunting Advantages

One of the most intriguing aspects of owning land in Indiana is the hunting available. Indiana is quickly on the raise as a home for Big Bucks. With vast areas of public hunting ground in the north and south of the state. There is plenty of options in that regard if public land hunting interests you.

If you are wanting to avoid the competition of public land, private hunting land in Indiana is very popular. With almost no public hunting land in the central parts of the state, owning your own land in Indiana has many advantages. High quality waterfowl and turkey hunting are also common around the state. With many of our own properties giving you exclusive access to your own private bird hunting.

Indiana land for sale

Indiana Land is Profitable

Outside of the fact that much land in Indiana is optimal for hunting. There are other advantages to the land for sale in Indiana. One of those advantages being, the land has the ability to bring in income. There are various methods to turn your property into a money making machine. The easiest way being timber services. When purchasing land you want to look at the timber on the land. That will allow you to see if it the type that would be suitable for timber production.

Another way to make money on your land would be to lease out the hunting rights to it. Companies like Base Camp Leasing have simplified the process completely. Meaning that after you own land, you are just a few clicks away from being able to lease out parts of it for hunting rights. The more land you have and the more suitable it is for high quality hunting, the more you can charge.

We have landowners right now who purchased with us making thousands of dollars on their land. Through timber services and hunting leases, there is no stopping a landowner from making serious money on their property. All while enjoying the freedom that comes with owning land.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing rural land is a great accomplishment for many people. It signals that you live the outdoor lifestyle and are a provider. It gives you the chance to live whatever life you want, free in nature, while remaining a great investment for your future. Knowing you want to own your own land is the easy part. Deciding where you should lay your roots can be more difficult. Indiana is full of amazing hunting and is a solid investment for any outdoorsman.

Country Land For Sale

Country Land For Sale – Why Buy Now

Country land is something that has been along before it even had a name. It is land that has endless possibilities for you and your family. It gives you the ability to have true freedom for whatever outdoor lifestyle you choose to live. At Base Camp Country Real Estate, where everyone lives and breaths outdoors, we fully understand the beauty of owning rural land. Which is why we are so committed to bringing our customers the highest quality country land for sale, at the best prices.

How Country Land Pays YOU

One of the first and most important things about OWNING rural land is the financial possibilities. There are multiple ways to take your purchased land and actually start generating an income.

Timber: If your land has usable timber, that is great for you and your pocket books. Not only will you yourself be able to use the timber for whatever you like. But it van also be sold to others as a way to generate some serious income. You could choose to process it yourself, or higher a professional company to do it for you.

Hunting Lease: Now this is one of the best possible ways to make extra money on your country land. If the land you purchased is hunting ready then you are in luck! Your friends and family will able to use that land for generations and have it set up perfectly for your style of hunts. Or you can use a service like Base Camp Leasing, to lease out portions of your land to hunters. Hunters who are willing to pay some big bucks to be able to use your land for their hunts. Price varies on your acreage and quality of land but making extra side money off hunting leasing is as easy as signing up and letting the professionals take care of the rest!

Is Rural Land for you?

Owning your own piece of rural land, or even a rural home, isn’t just any other purchase. With it comes the amazing lifestyle of an outdoorsman. You gain the ability to provide for yourself and your family off of your own land. Something that most people can never say, and many people wish they could say. If you love being outdoors and in nature, appreciating it for everything it can do. Then looking at country land for sale and becoming educated about the buying process is something you should be heavily considering. Buying rural land is not just a financial investment, it is an investment in you and your families future.

Country Land for Sale

Here is our web page that contains all of the rural land and

rural homes that we have for sale right now. You can chose by acreage, state, county or price. To insure that you find the perfect rural property for your needs. We are CONSTANTLY updating our properties for sale, with new additions coming all of the time.

Our industry leading team of Agents would be more than happy to walk you through the buying process. All while understanding exactly where your needs are coming from and pointing you in the right direction to starting your new future on your very own piece of country land.

Below are pictures of some of our past pieces or rural land. Remember, we are updating our page all the time so k=make sure you check back if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for!

Camping Porperties For Sale

Camping Properties for Sale

2020 changed a lot of peoples perspectives on what fun and entertainment is. With limited access to things that are usually used for family fun, its time to mix it up. The days of water parks and resorts are much more limited than we are used to. Which has led to families finding other means to keep them and their families in a positive spirit. One of those things being camping, at Base Camp Leasing many of our rural land or homes for sale make great camping properties.

Camping is a great way to get your family off of their screens and out into nature! Getting you and your family out camping has more advantages than just nature. Other benefits include

  • When you go camping with friends or family, you get a chance to talk and visit without distraction, even late into the night.
  • Camping itself is a physical activity. Whether it is collecting firewood or setting up the tent, many aspects of camping get you up and active
  • New Skills. Camping gives you the chance to learn do tasks that you would never do anywhere else. Tying knots, fishing, and fire building are jut a few of the things that you and your family could learn when camping.

When it comes to the act of deciding where you’re going to camp and how you’re going to camp you have a few options. The most basic and prevalent type of camping is done at camp sites. Places that are pre-determined and typically outfitted to allow outdoor living for a period of time. These have their place, but with the crowded spaces,limited spots, and often drawn out reservation periods. It is not the most consistently reliable ay to get your family outside. Which is why OWNING your own spot of camping property is becoming the best way to get outside.

Why Buy Camping Property

When it comes to camping property being for sale there are a few things to look for. You want rural land that contains a good amount of natural diversity. This makes owning your own camping spot that much more fun for everyone. If your spot has creeks or rivers you can spend your time fishing and exploring the land.

If your land has suitable timber or you are willing to lease the hunting rights, your property can easily start generating you income. All while you and your family get to enjoy owning your own camping property. If you are interested in hunting, then find a property that could be used for both! We have dozens of properties that are hunt ready right now that would also make a great camping spot.

If you wanted a similar experience to camping but with the amenities of home, we also have rural homes for sale.

Available Land

Check out our available land here, and see what fits your needs best! Hunting, fishing and trapping can be possible depending on the land you get. But camping only requires a few things out of your land! So don’t be shy to jump into the world of camping, do it right and own your own camping property fro the industry leaders at Base Camp Real Estate.

If you have any questions about purchasing a piece of rural land for camping, find your nearest agent and give them a call. As a team of outdoor enthusiasts, we are just as excited to get you and your family out camping as you are!

Timber: A Valuable Land Attribute

Timber is a potentially valuable attribute of your property and should be a consideration when either buying or selling. In many cases, a well-managed timber stand can be responsibly harvested in intervals. That will provide income indefinitely and create a healthy forest Eco-system that benefits all wildlife using the property. From providing more food for the wildlife to enjoy. To simply earning another form of income, timber land is a great renewable resource to have.

The quality of older age-class trees can degrade over time, so harvesting can help maximize your return on investment. At the same, time permits valuable sunlight to reach the ground which creates desirable new growth and wildlife habitat. Which in turn also releases the next age class of younger, upcoming trees allowing for maximum growth. An excess of timber on any property can help the land be a great investment.

Base Camp Country Real Estate has many pieces of timber land for sale that fit the needs of someone looking for a good investment. With multiple properties available right now, we are your premier destination for timber land.



Covid-19: The Growing Value of Rural Land Ownership

The Impact of Covid-19 on Hunting and Outdoor Life

The most commonly used phrase for 2020 will likely be “social distancing”. If you are like us, we’re growing a little weary of reading it and hearing it everywhere we turn.  Mainly because of the impact it has had on all of us. Whether it be for the inconveniences of shopping and entertainment. Or for the air of uncertainty that it makes us all feel. But as the weather has made its annual turn, and spring has begun showing its renewing and refreshing effect on the dull and drab of late-winter, optimism and life abounds in our land! There has never been a better time than now for Rural Land Investment.


If you are reading this you are very likely an avid outdoor enthusiast. Spring season is absolutely a favorite time of year for folks like us. By getting outside we can be filled with anticipation, enjoying the fresh air, vibrant and bursting colors and the sounds of songbirds brought on by the welcomed sunshine and warming temperatures. Participating in your favorite outdoor activity this season should hold some extra special meaning.  Whether it be attempting to call in a gobbling turkey, looking for a big batch of morel mushrooms. Or fishing for crappies ,bass and beginning the next chapter of habitat improvement projects. There is no shortage of outdoor opportunities during this time of year.  We will all be extra thankful for our health and the opportunity to pursue our passions in the outdoors. In this great country that we are all blessed to live in.

Base Camp Country Difference

Base Camp Country Real Estate is focused on helping folks find their favorite place to be out in the country. We are talking to customers daily who have come to realize during this crisis, that re-connecting with the outdoors, often with their family, is of highest importance to them.  Slowing down, re-evaluating priorities, and longing to get back to a healthier, land-connected lifestyle is a trend that we feel is only just beginning.  Whether you are looking for a recreational tract for hunting, a large rural tract to build a new home or investing in quality farmland we are here to help you!

Why NOW is the right time for Rural Land Investment

A couple of the notable effects of a strong economy before these events took place were fantastic interest rates for buyers. With gas prices like we haven’t seen in a long time.  All the more reasons for folks to be “chomping at the bit” to get back to pursuing their passions.  Along with enjoying outdoors with their loved ones.  Maybe you are new to the prospect of owning your own land, expanding your current property. Or it has been a strong desire for years, there may never been a better time to get it done.  The recent stock market volatility has also had a negative effect on many 401k’s and portfolios. Land investments can provide a safe harbor for your money, enable memorable experiences with family and friends while creating a family legacy.


We understand land, the draw that it has, and the intrinsic value that it holds.  We know first-hand the enjoyment that comes and the memories that can be made.  Allow one of our land buying professionals to assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for.  Our team is trulyRural Land Investment Rural Land Investment professionals. Who more than happily represent buyers and sellers in safe and efficient transactions.  For Base Camp Country it truly is “More Than Just Dirt, It’s A Lifestyle.”

reflective pond on a piece of hunting land

How to Find: Hunting Land

By: Patrick McFadden

Perfect Land

What is the perfect hunting land property and what should I know before I purchase? There are so many variables in that question but also many similarities. What you consider the perfect hunting property may be 100% different from what I consider a perfect property. However, these things should be considered before purchasing your – proverbial slice of heaven.



What can you afford? Not what can you borrow, what can you afford? Purchasing land, regardless of whether it is 10 acres or 1000 acres, may be one of the largest investments you will ever make. Defining your budget before your search begins is an essential factor to predetermine. Finding a piece of property that you love but cannot afford will force you to compare affordable properties with those out of reach. This could make you think the affordable property is mediocre. Which could make you may miss an opportunity on a great affordable property. Be honest with yourself and set a budget for what you can afford. However, if the idea of owning is too daunting, leasing a hunting property is now easier than ever.


Potential Herd Quality/Deer Hunting

Can the property produce and hold quality deer? Most individuals cannot own enough land for deer to live exclusively on their property. I prefer to have quality land to quantity. You do not need to own a whole section of land to produce quality bucks. Ideally, you need good habitat, oaks and hardwoods, bedding opportunities, water, and a year-round food source. Deer cannot live by food alone; water is essential, and properties with ponds, creeks, rivers and springs are a haven for deer and other wildlife. Swamp and marsh areas can also provide water, as well as cover for deer hunting . Having a 20 acre tract or smaller in the right location may pay big dividends. Personally, I killed my largest buck on a 15 acre wooded parcel surrounded by agriculture fields. Remember quality over quantity!



Do the surrounding landowners actively manage their own hunting land? The old saying, good fences make good neighbors is true. However, it is critical to build good relationships with your neighbors. You may want to try and work together on a management plan. Harvesting mature bucks is usually a collaborate effort with neighboring property owners. The ideal situation would be that you and your neighbors work together. Which will allow deer to reach maturity or take “management” bucks to remove bad genetics. Usually three years of good deer management can and will completely change and improve the quality of deer seen.


Hunting Land Accessibility

Accessibility is another key factor. When I am looking at properties I think, where do I park, can I get equipment in and out, is there an established trail system, prevailing wind direction, will I be able to get to the stand locations undetected, drive time to and from the property, and the availability of nearby supplies. All of these factors and more should play a big part in your decision to purchase.


Before you decide to put in an offer on a property, investigate the surrounding landowners and try to meet them. Use all of your resources to research the property, topography maps and the local county GIS page will allow you to see the property and its demographics. Walk the property with a qualified land specialist and ask many questions. A qualified land specialist should be able to tell you the soil quality, approximate timber value, property tax burden, assessed value, etc. Write your questions down and ask them, remember this is a big investment and you do not want any surprises or disappointments.

It’s no secret that owning your own hunting land gives you the freedom to manage the deer on the property as you see fit: plant food plots, plant or cut trees, let the young bucks walk, choose who you let hunt, set your stands wherever you want — the list goes on. There is also the added bonus of having the property during the off-season; perfect for camping, hiking, small game hunting, fishing, and family excursions. Before you purchase do your homework and do not settle for a property you really do not want! Be patient, save your money, and you will own your slice of heaven and Base Camp Country Real Estate can help you find it!


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Top 5 Ways to Get The Most Return on Your Investment Property

Maximizing Your Return on Investment

Whether your land is mainly used for farming, timber, or recreation there are plenty of ways to get a higher return on your investment for your properties. Besides the obvious ways to make money of off your land like timbering your woods or farming your tillable land, here are our top 5 ways to get the most return on your investment property!


1. Leasing The Hunting Rights

Depending on your specific property’s details you may be able to lease the exclusive hunting rights to your property and make some yearly income on your land. Our friends at Base Camp Leasing have been in the business of helping landowners lease the hunting rights to their property for over 20 years! They will have an experienced leasing agent inspect your property for what they call the “huntable” acreage of your land and find a fair market value for the exclusive hunting rights based on the leasing price of similar properties in your area.


2. Leasing The Farming Rights

Crop leases are another great way to let your property make money for you. If you are not a farmer yourself and have land that would be good for agriculture, your neighbors who farm may be interested in leasing the agricultural rights to your property to plant and harvest crops. Ag Leases are a very DIY process and will most likely require some sort of lawyer to make sure everything is on the up and up but they can be mutually beneficial for everyone when done right. You can find more on AG leases from The National Agricultural Law Center.


3. Grazing Rights

If you don’t like the idea of having your fields planted every year, another type of Ag lease is a grazing rights lease. If your neighbors have livestock, then those livestock need somewhere to graze and a neighboring farm is the perfect spot for those farmers who might not have enough land themselves or for those who want to expand the amount of livestock they raise and don’t have the option to buy more land. If you know that your neighbors are raising livestock and you are interested in leasing the grazing rights, reach out to them and see if they are interested! It could be another win-win situation!


4. Wind Leases

You’ve probably been driving down the interstate and seen the giant windmills generating electricity, but had you thought about how they got there? Energy companies will pay you to lease the land that the turbines are erected on and it is a great way to make some passive income. If you don’t mind looking at giant wind turbines out your window, this is a great way to earn a better return on your investment!


5. Solar Leases

Another alternative to traditional leases for land is a solar lease. With the cost of solar energy equipment dropping in recent years, many energy companies are investing more of their time and money in solar. They are always looking for land to lease and if you have large amounts of land that you don’t farm that is open to the sun, your property could be a perfect fit! Check out this Renewable Energy Reading Room for more info.


While not every option listed above is a good fit for every landowner and every plot of land, you can do even more research on the ones that pique your interest! When it comes to making a final decision, make sure you are sure and have talked to other landowners who have made similar agreements. The more research you do on these topics, the better off you will be as these are major decisions on your properties.

If you are looking to buy or sell property, you can fill out the form below and one of our experienced land professionals can help get you started on the right path!

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How to Make Your Farm Land More Attractive To Buyers

Playing the waiting game is no fun! It’s especially frustrating when you have your land listed for sale and you’re waiting on the “right buyer”. Sometimes, all it takes is for you to make your property the “right property” for a wider range of buyers. Here are a few tips to make your rural/farm land more attractive to buyers:


  1. Do Your Research

Take a look at your surrounding area and check to see if any properties have been bought or sold recently. This can help you get a sense of what the market is like in your area. If your neighbors with a similar property to yours took 6 months to find a buyer, know that the possibility of waiting 6 months is very real. That doesn’t mean that with the right marketing and the right agent, you can’t sell yours quicker though!


  1. Re-evaluate Your Rural/Farm Lands Asking Price

If you haven’t had your farm land appraised already, you should look into doing that. An appraisal will give you a more accurate picture of what your property’s fair market value is. If you try to list your property for too much over the fair market value, it could be sitting forever. Even if you do find someone who agrees to your price, if they have to finance and their appraiser values the property at fair market value, then they will either have to pony up the cash to cover the difference, renegotiate the deal with you, or back out of the deal completely and you’ll be back to square 1!


  1. Make Sure You Are Marketing Correctly

Are you doing everything in your power and using all the tools and resources you can to find a buyer? If you’re selling your property on your own, you might be missing out on some opportunities to market your property! A good real estate professional can help in many ways and marketing your property for you is well worth the commission for most landowners. With a good agent, you’ll get access to their full network of buyers in addition to their knowledge of the local market and the best ways to increase the chances of selling your property in a timely manner.


It takes the right combination of research, price evaluation, and creativity to sell your property in a timely manner and for the right price. The Recreational and Farm Land Professionals at Base Camp Country Real Estate are experts in marketing properties using our one of a kind resources to find you the right buyer at the best possible price for your property! To get find a licensed professional in your area, please click here

Green hunting alnd for sale

How Much is Hunting Land?

Hunting Land For Sale Value |Factors Determining Hunting Property Value

Owning a piece of hunting land has long been the American dream for outdoors men and women since the beginning of time. A place you can call your own and do what you please. All while spending time in the great outdoors doing what you love. We say CAN because there are careful considerations to take into account when buying, selling, and owning property for the purpose of hunting. Below we’ll dive into some of the specific factors that contribute to calculating hunting land value and worth. Ultimately finding a realistic selling price. So, what’s your hunting land for sale actually worth?

Hunting Property Location

Location, location, location. It should come as no real surprise that an article pertaining to real estate mentions location. After all, location of the hunting land for sale property will largely dictate the overall value, especially when it comes to deer hunting. Don’t believe us? Just take a gander at the average per/acre land prices in the leading Boone and Crockett Counties for whitetail deer. From the region all the way down to the neighborhood, property values are greatly influenced by their location. While deer hunters and property owners are quite aware. Whether it’s an 80 of timber tucked in the hills of the famed Buffalo County, WI or an 80 of flooded cornfield in the Mississippi Delta. There are areas that will inherently carry greater value simply due to the location and historical reverence.


Access to a hunting property is another important factor when determining value. Something that is often overlooked by buyers and sellers. How valuable is a property if it’s tough to access? Nowadays, access routes that add to the property value are one’s that have a well-defined trail system or vehicle access whether it’s in the form of a truck or ATV. Tough to access parcels that require permission via the neighbor (landlocked). One’s that have no trails can take a big hit when it comes to property valuation and marketability. If you’re a buyer, perhaps this is a good thing because you know you can purchase the property for a cheaper price. Then immediately add value by adding an extensive trail network on the property. However, if you’re the seller, it may be worth hiring a dozer for a few days to increase the marketability of the property. In addition to trails running through the property, road access and tractor paths are also incredibly important.

Land For Sale Makeup

The overall composition of a piece of hunting land for sale will play a large role in determining the value of a hunting/recreational property as well. How much of the land is agricultural, timber, wetland, CRP, etc. Each land type will carry a different price tag so to speak, especially when you consider the regional differences. For instance, agricultural land is worth more in the Midwest compared to the southeast where timber is main commodity. Diving deeper, the quality of Ag land varies greatly from property to property and will have a dramatic impact on the overall value of a property when it comes to selling or renting that land.

The soil quality, type, and terrain all play a role in determining the overall value of Ag land on a property. This is where working with a knowledgeable agent is crucial, as they know the local markets better than anyone.  In the same breath, the composition of a property is going to appeal to some more than others, thus having an impact on its overall value. A whitetail hunter might not be too thrilled about a piece of marshland along the Mississippi, but it might be a duck hunter’s dream property.

Income Potential

Contrary to popular belief, hunting land may be more affordable than one would think. Here’s a few investor savvy strategies that can turn your dream hunting property into an income generator.

Lease Crop/Pasture Land

The first strategy that many hunters are familiar with is to rent out any farmland whether it be for cash cropping or livestock grazing. Use this strategy as a means to lower your monthly payment, help with property taxes, or even make you money on your property.  Of course, the fertility of the ground and current crop prices will ultimately dictate the amount of income potential.

Hunting Land Timber Value

A timber harvest may also be an income generator from a hunting property.  Selling off timber is a bit more complicated than simply handing a lease over to a farmer every year.  Going into a property, it’s always wise to have an experienced forester along to walk you through the process.  Just because you see a lot of trees doesn’t mean there’s a profit behind them.  A lot of factors can impact the value of a timber stand. Such as the size of trees, species, accessibility, and current market conditions.

The one nice thing about timber compared to Ag crops is that it grows year round.  This allows you to time the market over the course of several years. All while the timber volume increases. Understand what the impacts of logging are in terms of income. As well as property value before and after to help you decide what the best path is moving forward.

Mineral Rights

There’s always a chance the property in question is sitting on a gold mine – literally and figuratively. While an actual gold mine might be a bit unlikely. Things like natural gas, frack sand, coal, and oil are certainly possible. So, who owns the rights/income potential from minerals? This is where things get tricky.

Hiring a qualified agent along with a mineral rights attorney is in your best interest. The hassle and confusion comes about because mineral rights may have been severed from the surface rights of a property at some point in time. Yes, you heard that right – you may own the surface (aka the right to build, farm, plant trees, etc.), but some other entity could own the mineral rights (aka the stuff below the surface). Navigating these waters can be tricky business. Nonetheless, there’s always a possibility that you own a “gold mine” . Which can drive up the value of a property dramatically and make your land for sale that much more desirable.

Specific Hunting Habitat Features

As hunters, we know there are a lot of variables that can ultimately impact a property’s value aside from the major assets previously discussed. Things like food plots, native cover, bedding areas, tree plantings, orchards, watering holes and ponds will all impact the overall value of hunting land. The best part is these are all things you can improve upon to increase the value of a property. Whether you’re looking for a turnkey, ready-to-hunt property or a piece on which you can improve upon, don’t overlook these crucial habitat features.

Often, people buy a raw piece of hunting land for sale that hasn’t been managed with wildlife in mind.  Wildlife management can be one of the quickest ways to build equity. Starting small with an end goal of improving and selling down the road is a great method for working your way up to bigger properties.  Remember, land can be a great and profitable investment if you buy it right and improve the property.

End Goal

If your end goal is to own 200 acres of prime deer hunting land, start with a 20 or 40-acre property.  Throw some food plots in and create a good trail network. Perhaps a water hole or two, and remove any junk to add instant equity into the property. While also improving its value for a future sale.  Not only will the property look nicer to future buyers, but it’ll also hunt better.

Using the buy>improve>sell method along with the 1031 exchange (ask one of our agents how a 1031 can help you acquire your dream property. At a faster rate than you ever thought possible.It  is a great way to turn your small investment into one you never thought possible. All while having your own private hunting property along the way.  Short term sacrifices can lead to long-term gains. Base Camp Country Real Estate can also help you find the  perfect property! If owning a property is too daunting of a task. Leasing your own hunting spot every season is easier than ever with Base Camp Leasing services.