Land for sale in missouri

Land for sale in Missouri

Buying rural land has been on the raise the last couple of years. As society moves away from cities and neighborhoods, the time to buy land has never been greater. As both an investment for your future and a way to enjoy the outdoors. Buying land should be your next big move, but where should you buy the land? Land that is for sale in Missouri could just be the fit for you.

Why Buy in Missouri – Hunting

One of the biggest reasons people buy their own rural land is their love of hunting. Missouri holds many advantages when it comes to hunting compared to other states, including:

  • Public Hunting: Missouri has some of the most plentiful whitetail land in the country. Areas like the Ozarks, Aracdia Valley region and the Mark Twain National forest. It has 1.4 MILLION acres of national forest that is o[pen to hunting.
  • Native Animals. Missouri boasts many varieties such as, turkey, rabbit, squirrel, woodcock, mourning doves, ducks, raccoon, bobcat, fox and coyote. To name just a few.
  • Soil: While it might not seem like something that would make Missouri such a great place to hunt, the soil is uncommonly rich. Making it great for soybean production, which in turn attracts plenty of deer to the area.
  • Leasing: With how great the hunting is in Missouri, you unlock the unique ability to lease your land for hunting rights. Giving you an opportunity to make some serious money back on your land investment, just by letting people hunt it! Companies like Base Camp Leasing offer simple ways to offer your land to hunters who are willing to buy. Making the return on investment on your land in Missouri that much better

Land Investments in Missouri.

A mentioned above, the soil in Missouri is perfect for farming. Giving the price of the land an upward trend that makes it a great investment. Which also gives you the opportunity in the future to lease part of your land to farmers, OR sell it for higher than you bough it in years to come.

Property taxes in the state are also generally low compared to the rest of the country.

If you are looking for a state with water features but aren’t trying to go coastal, Missouri might be for you. With more coast line than California, there are plenty of places across the state that would make great places for rural homes or land investment.

How to Buy in Missouri

Buying rural property is a bigger task than simply buying commercial real estate. There are dozens of factors that play into whether you should buy the land or not. Which is why working with an experienced land professional can be so beneficial to the process.

Working with the agents of BCCRE help to relieve much of the pressure that comes with buying land. WE help to find the perfect property for you SPECIFIC needs. With years of experience, our land professionals work diligently to find you the land of your dreams. Land for sale in Missouri is on the raise and properties move fast.

Missouri Land For sale

Buying land in general is seen as one of the best investments you could make. They aren’t making any more of it and it will continue to raise in value for years.

Buying land in Missouri specifically is a great investment for many reason. If you are a hunter looking to for a prime spot to call your own, Missouri is for you. If you are looking for a solid investment that can ensure a great future, Missouri is for you.

If you don’t see the perfect property right away, don’t worry! We are constantly updating our sites with new properties.