Why We Shed Hunt

When fall deer season has come to an end and the Christmas lights start to come down for the year there is one thing that comes to mind for the die-hards like myself. We start to see visions of a bright white glimmer laying in a cut cornfield and our heartbeat beings to pick up just at the thought of finding that shed.

Most people during this time of year are thinking about when they’re going skiing or planning out what lake they are going to fish this spring. But the satisfaction of finding that shed antler that you have been after brings us back each year. The timeframe between January and March is shed season for many hunters around the country and boy is it fun.

For us, shed hunting is just what we do this time of year. Even though most people miss the point of it or simply don’t understand why we walk around for hours upon hours to find a bone.

I can promise you there is much more to hunting sheds than just stumbling across a bone and picking it up. It’s more about the dedication, hard work, and capital that you put into the sport of hunting and the outdoors. We, as hunters, sacrifice all of those things for the hopeful opportunity to release an arrow at a mature whitetail during the fall.

Shed hunting is just part of the process and it always will be. Not only do we get to experience the excitement of finding a shed during this time of year but we also get to work off all those calories from the Christmas season. Postseason scouting is a very important aspect of hunting and could make all the difference in the world when trying to get within the bow range of your target buck. Shed hunting is the perfect way to go about a postseason scouting trip.

Shed hunting will take you to places that you have never been or forgotten about on your property. It is the ultimate scouting mission and will teach you many things about the land that you are on. Everyone misses high school, right? Go back to your glory days and let the trek of finding a shed act as your teacher for the day. Take in every little thing you can from that experience and let all those rubs, scrapes, and beat-down trails sink into your mind. Even better, mark them on your map of choice then get your brain working. Sit down and evaluate why they are located where they are. You may be surprised at what you find.

Some of my favorite areas or core areas on my farm came from a shed hunt that led me into my now-called sanctuary. Remember, a simple walk to find a bone could be a game-changer for your next year in the stand. Another one of my favorite takeaways from a shed hunt is the sense of mind about what deer made it through the year. I sleep much easier after I find a fresh shed off one of my hitlist bucks that haven’t been active on trail cameras. There are numerous things you can learn from a shed hunt but there is one thing that should always be a constant when this time rolls and that is COMRADERY.

At the end of the day family, friends, and a few dogs out enjoying God’s beautiful creation is what a shed hunt is all about. Finding a shed or scouting for next fall is just icing on the cake. This is your time to bring your loved ones out and show them why you do what you do. Let the little ones go play and run around while you take in the beautiful landscape that you are so fortunate to be recreating on. A shed hunt is a perfect opportunity to instill the love for the outdoors in all the people close to you. For me, being a young boy all decked out in camo running around with an antler in my hand is what comes to mind when I think about what sparked my love for the outdoors.

Shed season will be upon us in no time, get ready to get out and have some fun!

7 Hunting Gadgets Under $20| Gift Guide

To some, hearing hunting means only a few things: guns and camo. But, to real hunters, we understand that sometimes our bag has too many tools in it to count.

2021 is a confusing time for hunters when it comes to gear. There is a never-ending amount of new gear to try that is coming out as well as the new gear being smart enough that it replaces other gear.

You don’t need to carry bug spray and DEET in your bag when you have an ozone scent destroyer. Instead, here are some of my favorite things that are both surprisingly useful and just all-around cool to have.

  1. Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Kit

Every hunter knows one thing is true when you make your trek into the woods…that you stink. Even if you lathered yup with a bar of soap before…

This kit includes anything you might need and a few extras that you will want! All for under 15 bucks!


  1. The Trapper’s Bible

In a world where everything is online or on our phones, going back to the basics is both refreshing and a joy to do.

A seriously well-written book with dozens of pages of well-illustrated pictures. It makes for the perfect beginner’s guide, or even just a book to keep on your desk! A great read that will leave you with the itch to get out and trap.

  1. Extremus ChillKap

If you are going to make a list of hunting gear that stays under that coveted 20 dollar biol mark…you have to include some clothing gear.

For just 10 dollars, you can remove your face from the elements and stay well hidden. Of course, there are other, more high-quality, Balaclavas, but for under 20 dollars, this is a great choice for throwing in your bag as backup or just as your main facial protection!

  1. Marchway Floating Waterproof Drybag

I’ll be honest until I began doing my research for this article; I was completely unaware that you could get a waterproof bag for under 20 dollars.

But boy, does this one not disappoint! With its 17,000 ratings and a 5 start to boast, this bag is a serious contender for making my hunting gear list.


  1. Gerber Gear 22, Pocket Knife

Hunters and outdoorsman alike love their blades. I am sure many of you are walking some serious knives in your EDC or have them with your top-of-the-line hunting gear.

But if you are hunting on a budget, or just know that you can never have enough knives, here’s one for you. Small in size but high in quality, this little knife makes the perfect backpack or car accessory.  Loaded with a removable utility blade for under 20 dollars, you do not get much better.


  1. Mini Bag Sealer

Here’s something on the list that I can see people who aren’t even hunters get excited for. However, its applications to an outdoorsman/hunter can not be undervalued.

Consider this; you are breaking down and dressing the massive elk you just got on your trip to Colorado. You’re ready to partition it up to all your friends, but you only have one size bag. Well, consider that issue solved with a bag sealer.

For under 20 bucks, it will be hard to find this one.


  1. Trail Camera Viewer, SD Card Reader

It couldn’t be a list of hunting “gadgets” without some tech in here, right?

Well, this little thing has been a complete game-changer for me and the amount of time I spend checking my trail cameras. Usually, you would think something like this helps you cut back on time, but I just find myself looking at my trail cam footage far more than I usually do!.

For 12 dollars, you might just grab 2 of them! Its ability to hook right up to your phone is beyond helpful and more than worth the price.

Fathers Day Gift Guide | Hunters Edition

Hopefully, everyone made it through Mother’s day with a happy lady in their life. But now it’s the dad’s turn! Fathers day is approaching, and there is absolutely no shortage of gear that dads would love to have but might not buy it for themselves. However, finding a gift for fathers day can be tough!

This blog post goes over some of my personal favorite outdoor/hunting gifts for the man in your life! Remember, the best gifts are something someone would never buy for themselves. So put down the bag of fertilizer that he “needs” and get him something awesome!

#1 Personalized Hunting Crate

To kick off the list, I thought I would share a gift that is almost foolproof if he likes hunting/outdoor things. The box is from a company called man crates. Which seems fitting for a Father’s day gift! The box includes

  • Personalized Stanley Insulated Vacuum Bottle
  • Tac-Force TF-469 Folding Knife
  • Stormproof Matches
  • Duke Cannon’s Hunting Soap
  • Camo Face Paint

So between those 5 items for around 100 dollars. It seems like you can’t go wrong! If you are buying for a pickier person who may be hard to please, a gift box could be the right move! It also ships in a cool wooden crate and comes with a small crowbar. Making the fun start as soon as they get the box!

#2 I’d rather be hunting socks

The name says it all! If you are looking for a cheaper gift (11) or need something smaller to add on. Perfect for the hunter in your life and at an affordable price, these socks are light and funny but practical, fathers day gift!


#3 Silicon Wedding ring

Now, THIS is the perfect gift for your husband, who is a working man. We have all heard about the incidents with men’s wedding rings quite literally taking off the fingers of the men wearing them. This is a great alternative that is both safe and still shows off the marriage.


#4 Custom Made Damascus Steel Hunting Kukri

This one is a beauty… Traditionally you would be hard-pressed to find a hunter who doesn’t love a good knife. Mix things up from the traditional fixed blade with this piece of functional art anyone is sure to love.

#5 Duck Hunter Flask, wrapped in leather

There is just something right about booze and duck hunting… Give him the best of both worlds with this high-quality leather-wrapped flask.

#6 Midland 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio

If you are constantly worried about the whereabouts of your father or husband, but they hate having their phone on them in the field. Look this way!

They also boast 5 Animal Call Alerts (turkey, duck, crow, cougar, and wolf), a Vibrate feature to silence all tones, and the Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camouflage pattern make this an ideal walkie-talkie for hunters.


#7 Traeger Pellet Grills

What some consider, including me, to be the KING of fathers day presents. A wood pellet grill/smoker is the ultimate way to enjoy wild game. Or really any meat.

You can also expect dad to take over more of the cooking if he’s grilling up venison on one of these!

#8 The MeatEater Fish And Game Cookbook

If you decided, or don’t, to go with the Traeger grill, there is only one accessory you really need! This is an end-all-be-all on cooking wild game from one of the biggest stars in the industry.

With over 100 recipes for all kinds of wild game. This is a guaranteed favorite for the hunter or outdoorsman in your life and a great Father’s day gift.

#9 A High-Quality Hunting Lease!

Men are always ready to pour money into the preparation and gear that it takes to pull off a successful hunt. But what about the most important part? WHERE you will be doing your hunting.

Forget the days of public land pressure; it’s 2021, and hunting on private, well-maintained hunting leases is the way of the future! Check out what hunting leases we have available today!


How To: Hunting Safety

Hunting is something that no matter which approach you take, it is simply fun. However, with that fun comes a set of rules that hunters must follow. These rules are set in place by states to make sure everyone hunting is doing it efficiently and ethically. Hunting safety is extremely important and one of the first things someone should learn before taking their first shot.

Regulation for Safe Hunting Practices

Hunting is a highly regulated pastime. Meaning that in order to hunt wild game you need a license. Before you obtain a hunting license, you need to pass a hunter education class. The rules change depending on the state that you are in. For some, you only need an official hunters education if your date of birth is after a certain date. For the other, every hunter needs a valid and updated certificate of hunting education.

You can find the specific rules of your state here: http://www.ihea-usa.org/hunting-and-shooting/requirements/hunter-education-requirements

Hunting Safety Course

Regardless of the official requirements from your state, a hunting safety course is always a smart choice. They teach a variety of safety practices including:

–              Safe Firearm handling

–              Ethical Shot placement

–              Individual state regulations

–              Wildlife Management & conservation

If the courses are in person, you will actually have the chance to ask real life questions. Experienced hunters will be able to fill you in on insider secrets and hunting safety tips. As well as just get to know you and help ease you into the community if you are new.

Learn Hunting with an Experienced Hunter

Outside of hunter education programs, you can also learn first hand from an experienced hunter. Of course that is easier said than done. That route requires you to first locate an experienced hunter. Social media has assisted ion this process with various Facebook pages and websites dedicated to setting up new hunters with experience. After finding a hunter, you will need to purchase and apprentice a hunting license. Allowing you to legally hunt and harvest, while accompanied by a licensed hunter. They are not available in every state.

If you already know a hunter willing  to take you out, then simply tag along! The act of killing the animal has to be done by the licensed hunter, but the value of learning first hand is priceless! It will also be a great chance to see if hunting is worth it to you! Hunting safety may seem like a boring process, but for the safety of you and the animals, it is important.

Coyote Hunting

Coyote Hunting: Hunt the Hunter

Coyotes are here, and they are everywhere. While most hunters did not grow up with coyotes on their list on animals that they hunt, they are now present in 49 states. Which means hunters from all across the country are diving head first into the world of coyote hunting. If you’re new to hunting coyotes, own land where they are becoming a problem, or are simply interested in the future consequences of this species, then this blog is for you.

Why Hunt Coyotes

Population Control

The first and most pressing problems with coyotes is there lack of natural predators, causing their population to grow every year. They are usually unaffected by things that would destroy a different animals population. For example, if a food source has been depleted a coyote is willing to migrate to where the food now is. For a coyote food could mean anything from food waste to a full size buck, making them extremely resilient. The lifespan of a coyote is also 10 years, with mating being possible after the first 2 years. Which just adds to the ever growing population that is costing land owners and hunters some serious coin.


One of the most serious and wide spread danger of coyotes is the diseases that the animal is often associated with. Canine hepatitis and canine distemper are the most popular disease carried by coyotes. These are dangerous things to have spread around because they greatly effect domestic dogs, distemper has even been shown to be fatal. They also have the normal wild animal diseases like rabies that can be spread to both other animals and humans. Overall the entire species is prone to disease. They are actively spreading it to all surrounding wildlife through feces and urine. Making them extremely dangerous to animal populations as a whole.

More Hunting!

Outside of the fact that coyotes are a nuisance to wildlife, hunting these things is just fun! Many states have year round coyote seasons, and those that aren’t have multiple legal seasons. Making this a viable option to scratch your hunting itch during the off seasons. Going out in the off seasons for other species is also a bonus when it comes to scouting. Giving you a different look at how the animals are acting which will make them easier to predict later on.

Future of Coyote Hunting

Hunting Coyotes is something that is both a fun challenge and completely necessary for the healthy survival of wildlife. Their population numbers growing annually. So  you can expect the trend of coyote hunting to continue on for years to come. If you are a farmer or landowner, especially in the Midwest, there are specific tactics that you can use to keep coyotes off of your land. Which can stop them from cutting into your profits.

Deer scouting in early season

Deer Scouting: Why Early is Best

Deer season has been over across the country for weeks now. Leaving  hunters either satisfied with last years season or disappointed and eager to get back to the woods. Whether 2020 was full of big bucks or more empty truck beds then you would like to admit, lets make deer season 2021 even better with deer scouting early!

Seeing that is early February, some people may question why right now is such an optimal time to start there deer scouting. There are a few things that make February such a great time to scout deer including:

Combating Laziness

When you start planning for your season this far out, it gives you far more time to do all of your planning. You can avoid the fall rush of deer season and get an early jump by starting in February.


With it being mid march, the trees are still bare. Making it much easier to see things like deer travel patterns, bedding and feeding areas are clear.  Great time to scout for the following year.

Rut Signs

This is arguably the best time of the year to locate rut signs. Searching at this point in the year is great because any signs from the fall will show. Since deer are creatures of habit, what they did last year should be a great indicator for what they will do this year. Signs like scrapes will be visible now, get out early before the green returns to the trees for easier locating. Rub lines can help lead you to either a food source or a doe bedding area, both great finds.

Geographical Features for Deer Scouting

March is also the perfect time to search for a number of land features that may be hard to spot in the spring and fall. Bottlenecks and pinch points are two of the most obvious and useful things to look for. Again, playing into how deer are creatures of habits if you can locate a natural funnel it is highly possible a deer has used that and will use it again. Pinch points are similar, with deer using them to get from one piece of timber to the next. Without them having to leave the security of the woods. Pay attention to these things now and have them remembered when it comes time to set up blinds and stands.

Buck trails will also be easier to find. Use this time to find the worn down paths that have been used for years and will be used again. The trails you find out in the open will typically be used by younger bucks and does, while the buck trails tend to be in more covered areas.

Shed Hunting

While it is almost always a good idea to look for shed antlers, this point in march is a great time. Shed hunting is a huge part of wildlife management in general and especially important is early season deer scouting. It gives the hunter a general idea of any bucks that they may have missed and which bucks survived the season and are still alive. As always, an antler found on your property should give you a scope of what size the bucks where you are hunting are.  Both of which should be things you are paying attention too during your scouting.

Early year deer scouting is one of the best things you can do to increase your chances of taking home a big buck this year. The earlier you get started, the better chance you will have everything perfect for this years deer season. So get out there, follow these tips on how to do it right, and happy scouting! Here’s to your best season yet!