ASKING PRICE : $250,000
ACRES: 10 +/-

10 Acre Hunter’s Getaway


Missouri Land For Sale | Step into a world of history and natural beauty in the enchanting town of Bedford, nestled in Livingston County, Missouri on the Grand River. Here, on 10 sprawling acres of land, lies a property that offers a unique opportunity for a hunting retreat, a serene countryside getaway and prime river bottom farm land. A charming home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, where comfort meets rustic elegance. As you relax on the beautiful deck at the back of the home, immerse yourself in the breathtaking sunsets that paint the sky, showcasing the town’s rich natural splendor. Notably, this property backs up to a prized deer hunting lease, hunted by the current owner. The land teems with abundant wildlife, ensuring thrilling encounters and unforgettable experiences. Additionally, the property boasts two shops—a brand new 20′ x 50′ shop to house your hunting equipment, and one ideal for storage. Embrace the tranquil beauty of the Grand River, where history and nature intertwine to offer a delightful retreat for both hunters and nature enthusiasts alike.

The Grand River is a significant waterway in Missouri, known for its ecological importance and diverse wildlife. Flowing through the state, it plays a vital role in supporting various species and habitats. The river bottom is home to several conservation areas, including Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge (10,795-acres 13 miles), Fountain Grove Conservation Area (7,906-acres 20.1 miles), and Grand Pass Conservation Area (5,000+-acres 51 miles). These areas dubbed by waterfowl enthusiasts as “The Golden Triangle,” serve as critical stopover points and wintering habitats for migratory birds, particularly waterfowl like ducks and Canada geese. The management efforts in these conservation areas focus on creating and maintaining wetlands, marshes, and other suitable habitats to support the diverse wildlife population. The Grand River and its associated wetlands attract a range of bird species, including herons, eagles, rails, and wood ducks. Additionally, the river and its surrounding areas are frequented by white-tailed deer, turkeys, raccoons, beavers, river otters, and various other wildlife species. The conservation initiatives along the Grand River contribute to the preservation of natural habitats, offer opportunities for outdoor activities, and showcase the rich biodiversity of Missouri’s waterways.

The Grand River also holds significant cultural importance for Native Americans, as it has been intertwined with their history and heritage for millennia. The river served as a vital resource for indigenous communities, providing sustenance, transportation, and a sense of connection to the land. Native American tribes, such as the Osage, Missouri, and Otoe-Missouria, relied on the Grand River for fishing, hunting, and gathering resources from its surroundings. The river’s abundant wildlife and fertile lands supported their livelihoods and allowed for the development of thriving communities. Additionally, the Grand River played a role in trade and communication networks among different tribes, facilitating cultural exchange and interaction. Its waters were used for ceremonial purposes, and the river became an integral part of Native American folklore and traditions. Today, the cultural significance of the Grand River continues to be recognized and respected, honoring the rich heritage of the tribes that have called its banks home for generations.

All lines and measurements are estimations, Buyer responsible for their own due-diligence.

*Showings of this property require a scheduled appointment with the licensed Base Camp Country real estate agent. Persons who do not schedule an appointment will be considered trespassers.


3-bed, 2-bath home on 10 +/- acres
Tillable farmland
Brand new shop


Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Mendon, MO 64660 18 min 13.7 mils
Des Moines, IA 2 hrs, 49 mins 154 miles
Hale 14 mins 8.1 miles
Chillicothe 23 mins 19.5 miles
Kansa City 1 hr 43 mins 106 miles
St Louis 3 hrs, 42 mins 230 miles
Columbia 1 hr, 56 mins 107 miles
Grand River Outfitters 15 mins 11 miles
Habitat Flats 21 mins 16.4 miles
Pershing State Park 29 mins 22.1 miles


Great hunting opportunities!


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