T O M   J A M E S



Tom’s Biography

I live in rural Hancock County with my wife, Lora, and my 2 daughters, Morgan and Lauren. I graduated from Purdue University with a major in Landscape Architecture and a minor in Wildlife Management. I owned and operated a design/installation/maintenance landscaping company for 24 years servicing the Indianapolis area. I have been privileged to be a team member of the web-based series “The Management Advantage” an online show which teaches and promotes the best practices for land and wildlife management for today’s involved landowners and managers.

How It Started

While most kids were sleeping in or playing after school, as a youth, Tom James was up hours before daylight and in the outdoors until dark checking trap lines for muskrat, mink, raccoons and red fox. His passion for the outdoors continued into his college years attending Purdue with a major in Landscape Architecture and a minor in Wildlife Management. Finishing at Purdue, Tom founded Sugar Creek Landscaping, which serviced the Indianapolis area in design, installation and maintenance of all things landscaping. After seeding literally hundreds of acres of commercial and residential owner lawns for turf, Tom saw a need to develop a more effective and efficient way to get the job done. Tom’s innovative thinking and connection to wildlife and land management sparked the idea of what we now know today as the “Firminator”. Designing and bringing to market the Firminator in 2003 opened the door for Tom’s career and injection into the outdoor industry. His business, Modern Habitat Solutions, created a network of connections and allowed Tom to become a highly sought after consultant with hunters and landowners to improve wildlife habitat with the ultimate purpose of harvesting mature Whitetails. Tom took his consulting to the next level when asked to be part of the Management Advantage Team as they launched a digital series focusing on all things wildlife and habitat management. This allowed hunters and landowners access to these management practices at the click of a button. To this day, Tom still shares tips and insights while filming episodes on the property he has owned for the last 23 years.


Tom lives in rural Hancock County Indiana with his Wife, Lora, and his two daughters. His best days in the field are when he has had the opportunity to spend time with his daughters, Morgan and Lauren.  It was not uncommon for both of them to be by his side helping on their personal farm while he shared his knowledge of hunting, land management, and respect for wildlife.  This father and daughter bond continues to be evident every season as they spend time together chasing mature whitetails.

The Future

Tom’s experience as a land specialist in recreational land real estate with one of the most respected brands serves him well in his role as the National Sales Manager with Base Camp Country Real Estate.  Tom’s drive, ethics and honesty sets the stage for his team of agents who serve our clients needs in buying or selling recreational land real estate.  Understanding the expectations of our clients is of the utmost importance to us, regardless of what side of the transaction they are on.