1st vs. 3rd year Hinge Cuts | Josh Imber BCCRE

In this video, our North West Ohio Land Professional Josh Imber goes over the main differences in first vs third-year hinge cuts. Josh holds a degree in Wildlife Management and truly cares about the land and conservation of all living things.

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Get To Know: Josh Imber

Ohio Land Professional, Josh Imber gives you some insight into his life and journey into the outdoor and wildlife industry.

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I grew up in the rural farm country of NW Ohio where I learned to hunt and fish with my father and grandfather. I started sitting with my father as he bow hunted at the age of 4 and by the age of 5 I was hunting small game. At the age of 9 I harvested my first buck and since that day I have been hooked and never looked back. I started working at a local dairy farm at the age of 15 as well as started doing habitat work on our property with my father who always taught me to put back in more than I take out. It didn’t take long to see the wildlife respond and I was obsessed. I followed that passion to Hocking College where I received my degree in Wildlife Management while also interning for a Whitetail Outfitter in West Central Illinois where I learned a lot about harvesting mature whitetails.

After graduation, I jumped right into seasonal positions with the Wildlife Division of the ODNR while also being employed by a local Grain Coop in Defiance Ohio. While employed with the coop I passed my National Certified Crop advisor testing to become a Technical Service Provider, before being hired full time through the Michigan DNR where I have spent my last 6 years. With the Michigan DNR, I was one of three wildlife managers on a 10,000 acre managed waterfowl area where I managed habitats primarily for deer, turkeys, pheasants and waterfowl. I also conducted wildlife surveys, became a firearms instructor, found a passion for introducing new hunters to the outdoors through various programs, as well as became a Regional equipment operator. To this day I still love pursuing mature whitetail deer, turkeys, waterfowl and more than anything introducing people to the outdoors. When offered the position to join Base Camp Country Real Estate I realized this was a great opportunity to get myself and my family (wife Abby and daughter Brielle) back to Northwest Ohio while working with a top-notch crew in the process. I also get to assist others in their pursuit of that dream of land ownership or the passing of that ownership along to others who truly love the outdoors like me.”


Get to Know: Rod Shepard

Get to know your West-Central Illinois Farm & Recreational Land Professional, Rod Shepard!

Rod was raised in North-Central Pennsylvania, where it all began and the seeds were planted for him to develop into an avid whitetail deer hunter. At the early age of eight, his father started taking him hunting, trapping and fishing. Like many hunters, Rod credits his father for introducing him to the outdoors and passing down his passion to pursue the whitetail deer. Little did he know at the time, not only would it become a passion, but rather an obsession.

Hunting is something he absolutely loves and has appreciated throughout the years. Upon retiring from a very successful 28 ½ year career with United States Army and moving to the Midwest, Rod has taken his passion for hunting to another level. He now has the time to correctly set-up the properties he’s planning to hunt; from running trail cameras, planting food plots, and strategically placing tree stands. Like any serious hunter, he truly enjoys the game of cat and mouse with a big mature buck.

Today, Rod says he’s very blessed to be able to work his dream job, where he now shares his passion for the outdoors with others, as his father did with him. While serving in the Army and having a father who raised him to firmly believe a handshake is just like a contract, there are two things he holds very close; honor and integrity. They are not only his foundation as a Land Professional, but his foundation in life. Rod resides in Central Illinois with his wife and their two daughters.

If you are considering selling or purchasing land, please contact Rod for a free and no obligation, professional consultation on the current land market. He is very experienced in land transactions and fully understands the gravity of any land sale or purchase. Rod will guide you from the beginning to the closing, ensuring your experience is an enjoyable and rewarding one.


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Get To Know: Patrick McFadden

Get to know your West-Central Indiana Recreational & Farm Land Professional, Patrick McFadden

“I grew up on a livestock and grain farm in rural northern Tippecanoe County, Indiana. I still reside in Tippecanoe County with my wife Elaine. We have two grown children, TJ, 24 and Sylvia, 22. When I am not at work, I love to trap “critters” and hunt small game, upland birds, whitetails, and especially wild turkey. When I am not hunting, I love to chase smallmouth bass and walleye on the Tippecanoe River or just spend time in my jet boat.”


Continue below to read Pat’s story on hunting with his friend, Jamie.

I have had many great experiences in my 40-year hunting career with my family and friends and I cherish each one. One weekend this year was exceptionally special! I invited my great friends, Ryan and Jamie, down from Michigan to deer hunt in early November. They have been to my properties before but Jamie was never comfortable hunting by herself. Being new to the sport of bow hunting, she was not confident enough in her ability to make the right decisions at the right time. Last year I hunted with her in double lock-on stand setups and we just could not “seal-the-deal” on an Indiana buck. Fast forward to this year, I convinced her that she should hunt alone, she did and she loved it! As the hunt progressed through the weekend, she was seeing many deer and I could tell she was gaining confidence in herself. The last morning of the last day, she connected on her first bow buck! I was so proud of her and to be honest there was a tear in my eye when Ryan and I walked up to share the moment. After the hugs and high fives were over, we relived the moment through her words. It was so awesome to hear the excitement in her voice and I will never forget that day! I would encourage everyone to share your hunting knowledge with new hunters and take them hunting! It definitely brings joy to this seasoned hunter!


If you, or someone you know, are looking to buy or sell land in West-Central Indiana, contact Pat McFadden by phone at (765) 490-0385 or by email at Patrick.McFadden@basecampcountry.com



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Get To Know: Craig Zwiers

Get to know your East-Central Wisconsin Recreational & Farm Land Professional, Craig Zwiers!

Craig grew up on the Eastern side of the badger state, hunting and fishing every chance he had in Waupaca, Shawano, and Outagamie Counties. Now he enjoys hunting and fishing with his wife and three kids, working on hunting properties, installing food plots, running trail cameras, and setting properties up for the upcoming hunting season.  Craig feels truly blessed to be able to sell hunting properties for a living. His knowledge and passion for the outdoors helps out greatly when it comes to helping people either buy or sell land.

Continue below to read Craig’s story of his Wyoming Hunt from this year!

So this year I was lucky enough to tag this incredible whitetail in full velvet with my bow. Every year for the last 16 years my dad and I take the 13 hour journey from Wisconsin to the home of the Sundance Kid, Sundance Wy. We try to get out there the first or second week of September. Most years friends or family members join us but this year it was just us two.  After we arrived this year we took our time scouting the first two nights, watching and learning the patterns of the deer.  After watching a bachelor group of nice bucks follow the same ravine in a new green field we found the year before, I was excited to start hunting.  The next day was opening day but our wind was worst case scenario. I elected to not even go in and hang my stand, we did not want to wind bump any of these bucks.  The next day the wind was perfect, we went in at noon and hung the stand. Four hours later I went back with my bow to hunt, the trap was set! As soon as I was setup I started glassing and spotted two bucks bedded about 400 yards up the hill. Around 5:45 they got up out of their beds and started working down towards me. By the time they got down to me there was 5 bucks in the group, the first small buck walked right by me at 15 yards. I knew there was a great chance the others would follow his exact trail, and sure enough they did. I picked out the biggest one, drew my bow and grunted to spot him broadside at 15 yards. The shot was perfect, he ran 60 yards and I heard him crash.  After that nights hunt was over I picked up my dad and we retrieved the deer and brought it to the local meat processor in Sundance. That night dad and I had a few cold beers and talked about hunts of the past.  They are always great memories to talk about and always will be. Everyone have a safe hunt this year and I wish you the best of luck!


If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell land in East-Central Wisconsin contact Craig by phone at (920) 428-3865 or by email at Craig.Zwiers@basecampcountry.com or by filling out the form below:

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