Kansas has continued to be a premier state for whitetail, duck, and wild turkey hunters for years. From its huge agriculture industry to the way hunting is a way of life.  The land for sale in Kansas is some of the most sought-after rural lands in the country. If you are looking to buy land in Kansas, this is the blog for you.

Here’s what makes Kansas land so special:

Farming Land

Kansas is perhaps best known for its extensive agriculture system and vast acres of farmland. A combination of geography and other natural factors have made Kansas one of the most fertile places in the country. The good news for people looking to buy land is that a state with well-established agriculture is a great investment for the future.

It is important to remember that no two properties in  Kansas are the same. Individual farms and pieces of land can differ in things like:

  • soil composition,
  • annual rainfall,
  • suitability for crops
  • wildlife potential.
  • Etc.

You could even use the land to simply start your own farm! From a small garden and a couple of chickens to a full-fledge farm, owning your own land in Kansas unlocks the opportunity for you to be a farmer yourself! At any scale that suits you.

Each parcel of land has its own relative worth and value based on those factors and others. When you are buying land in Kansas, you work with a rural land professional. Someone who understands the land and all of its nuances.

Base Camp Country  Real Estate prides itself on only hiring people who care about land and wildlife as much as our customers. When you work with a land professional from Base Camp Country Real Estate, you will work with someone who has your best interests at heart. Their job is not to make a sale but connect individuals with their dream property and give them the life they have always wanted.

Hunting Land In Kansas

If you are purchasing land in Kansas because you plan to do some level of hunting, you are lucky. With its vast agriculture fields, Kansas has become a breeding ground for some of the best deer hunting in the country. Combine that great turkey numbers, solid duck hunting, and you have yourself a truly great state to buy land in if hunting is at the top of your list.

Turkey Hunting in Kansas

Turkey hunting in Knasa is considered by many to be seriously world-class. Home to 3 different bird species, hunters from all corners of the country make their way to Kansas yearly to get a shot at these massive toms.

There are different specific turkey subspecies in Kansa. Rios can be found in the west, Eastern turkeys to the east (obviously), and hybrids of the two in the middle parts of the state. Of course, there are no set-in-stone rules for these thunder chickens, so you could technically find any bird throughout the state.

Kansas also does its hunters some great services in the way they operate wild turkey hunting.

  • Over the counter tags
  • Long spring season
  • Extensive fall and winter season

With over 300,000 wild turkeys, it is no question why so many hunters consider Kansas an amazing place to hunt turkey. This also brings up the issue of public land hunting. Hunting in Kansas is great, dealing with the pressure of public land hunting, not so much.

This is why buying land in Kansas is so appealing for avid bird hunters. Enjoy a property managed by yourself to fit exactly what you want. No more dealing with the mistakes of others, do hunting in Kansas right and do it on your own land.

Duck Hunting in Kansas

Although duck hunting in Kansas is not as astounding as its wild turkey hunting, it has many redeeming qualities. One of those things being that it holds mallards all winter. Combuinb e that with its open winter and a mass amount of cropland, Kansas is a great place for winter hunts.

Water is not superabundant in Kansas, putting some hunters off the duck hunting. But the Kansas Na Arkansas rivers provide enough for hunters to harvest around 150,000 ducks.

Kansas is also a great place to hunt for Canadian geese. With the harvest numbers getting close to duck hunting some years. Waterfowl hunting in Kansas might not be the world-class hunting that turkey hunting is, but if you like duck hunting and find a property with water, you are setting yourself up for success.

Deer Hunting in Kansas

What used to be almost a “secret” in the deer hunting community. It is not clear that Kansas is one of the premier destinations to take down two types of deer. Both whitetail and mule deer call the state of Kansas home.

Mule deer are found almost entirely in the western one-third of the state, primarily in the High Plains, Smoky Hills, and Red Hills regions. The further east you get, the more mule deer are less abundant, and the more you see whitetail numbers increase. So take that into account when you are choosing the exact location of the property you want.

With a whitetail population of almost 700,000, it is no question that Kansas would make a great state to buy in if you were looking to take down big bucks. The high level of hunting also opens the door for a different money-making method, hunting leases.

Kansas Land Investments

As you have seen in the previous sections of this blog, Kansas offers diversity to a landowner. Between the hunting, recreation, and farming possibilities, no two landowners’ experience in Kansas is the same. These attributes also make owning land in Kansas great for multiple types of investments. Including leasing your land for hunting rights, leasing it for farming rights, timber sale, and even camping rentals

Leasing your land for hunting

Leasing out your land for its hunting rights is

one of the best ways to make income on your property. Hunting lease, right? Yep, hunters are willing to pay you potentially thousands of dollars for the right to hunt your land in Kansas.

Companies like Base Camp Leasing will send an expert to gauge how much your land is potentially worth to hunters. It is based on several factors, some of those being:

  • Size
  • Exact geographic location
  • Likelihood for animals
  • Amount of cropland/farmland

It is always worth it to work with an established rural real estate company with so many things to consider. They will also take care of the marketing and finding a buyer through their website. Making it a straightforward process that will put money in your pocket for the land you already own.

Leasing your land for farming rights in Kansas

It is as straightforward as it sounds! If you have land that is suitable for farming, you can easily lease it out to farmers. Land is a great commodity because there isn’t any more of it being made. So farmers are willing to pay good money to use your land to expand their farming operation.  A win-win for both parties involved

Timber Opputtuniters

If your land has the correct type of trees on it, you could start making money right away. Timber prices fluctuate, and the timber itself should be properly managed to ensure longevity, which is another treason to use a quality realtor when picking out your land. They will be able to give you an estimate on how much potential your land has for timber selling.

Renting Your Land For Camping

A relatively new method for making money on your land is the idea of renting out parcels of it for people to camp or fish. Apps like Hipcamp have made it as easy as putting your house on Airbnb. A service that allows people to rent their home to others for a short period of time.

Hipcamp has done just that for the outdoor community. Allowing landowners to make quick money on their land. Adding features like fire pits or grills can also help up your land’s value. In comparison, it might not be for everyone, but it is good to know all of your options as a landowner.

Land For Recreation

One of the best aspects of purchasing your own land is the freedom to do what you choose. With a plot of your own in Kansas, the options for recreation are endless. Some of the more popular things you can do with rural land are:

  • Camping: using your property for camping is a great way to spend time outdoors with your loved ones. A cheap alternative to putting a permanent structure, camping on your own land is an easy way to put your property to use.
  • Space: If there is one thing about buying land in Kansas that everyone enjoys, it’s the space it gives you. Kansas is mostly flat and open. Giving you the chance to really do whatever you please on the land. From dirtbikes to a bow range, owning your own land gives you the space to do anything you like.
  • ATV: who doesn’t love riding four-wheelers or dirtbikes? With the flat topography of Kansas and all the open space, riding on an ATV is an option. Something that is not typically possible in a suburban area.
  • Hiking: Home to beautiful scenery, hiking and taking in the sights is something special that Kansas has to offer.

Just Buy the Land in Kansas

Well, there you have it! Everything that makes Kansas one of the best possible states to buy land in. From its agriculture to high-grade hunting, rural land for sale in Kansas is a great investment.  Being a landowner is something that is truly special, so make sure you get the perfect property for your needs.