Milorganite; an Inexpensive Alternative for Protecting Soybeans


It was about 2 weeks ago today that I came out and planted this mixture of production soybeans along with forage soybeans both round up ready and all three of our food plots. I had mentioned at the time that this was a cleanup year. My big field that is usually in clover, its been a long time since its been planted so it was time to set it back and start over again. We burned, round up sprayed all three plots and put them all in round up ready soybeans so we have got to protect these guys from over browsing. If these beans are clipped off below these leaves at this stage of their growth, that plant is dead. We’re here to protect our babies and let them get big enough to really help grow our deer. This was a big investment in time and seed cost so we’re going to do our best to keep them out a little bit longer and then let them in.

We are going to put an organic fertilizer called Milorganite down. It does add some elements to the soil, like nutrients, but the main thing we are going to utilize and benefit from is the odor from the milorganite. A university of Georgia study has shown that it does an adequate job of repelling deer for at least 2 to 3 weeks if you put it down at the proper density. If these beans are clipped off below these leaves at this point in their growth, these plants are dead. We have got to allow them to get up to a point where they’ve got enough bud growth on them and shooting out new leaves that if a deer does begin to forage on them and nip off the leaves, that’s okay after a while they get to a certain size and they can survive that and it encourages new growth on the plant.

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