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Hunting Education: Purdue’s Plan

Hunting’s Role in Conservation

Those of us in the hunting community understand all the great things that hunting does for environment. From raising conservation efforts to providing a brighter future for the wildlife. Hunting has an extremely positive effect on nature for as long as it has been around. However not everyone knows the benefits of hunting. Which is why Purdue University has started a Conservation Management program over hunting education. In an effort to better educate the public on the benefits of hunting . As well continue the amazing conservation efforts that are funded by hunting.

Purdue University, located in West Layfyette, decided that wildlife conservation through hunting is extremely important and should be spread to the greater population. They launched a course titled “Hunting for Conservation”. A class that focuses on multiple aspects of North American Hunting.

  • Cultural
  • Biological’
  • Economic
  • Policy

It also breaks down a more detailed look of public lands and wildlife resources in the US and Canada. A focus is put on the lands proper management as well as detailing hunting’s crucial role in wildlife diversity.

The Future of Hunting Education

Currently the class, Hunting for Conservation, is a part of the schools wildlife major program. However, Purdue is looking towards the future and making it into an online class that will be available all over the country. Purdue has a long standing history with hunting education, often sending their top students to different conservation workshops.

“The pandemic thrust us into pushing ahead,” said Zachary Lowe, national coordinator for Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow. “The partnership with Purdue was a natural fit. There’s no way we could have done this without Purdue’s expertise in distance learning.”

Previously only available to wildlife students, Purdue expects this class to be helpful across multiple majors. Things like forestry, biology, and agriculture can all benefit from the information taught in this class.

“It makes people who are going out to manage our natural resources aware of hunters and how they interact with those resources,” said Andrew DeWoody, a Purdue forestry and natural resources and biology professor.

Helping Hunting Education Grow

The class is centered around the idea of wildlife management. Specifically, population management and making sure animal populations will be safe in the future. They use hunting as a prime example of proper population control. Past just the fact that hunters are sim;ply hunting the animals to keep the numbers balanced, the money made from hunting is huge for state departments and wildlife funds.

Purdue’s wildlife course also does an amazing job of including all aspects of hunting education into the course. Going over things like:

  • How firearms work
  • Hunting Safety Principles
  • Basics of Hunting
  • Ethical Hunting

As well as many others important and interesting things! This program is a great step forward in showing the public all the amazing things hunting does. Purdue hopes that Universities all over the country will adopt this class. Which will further spread awareness on wildlife management and conservation!

A Tribute to a Good Tennessee Man


Congratulations to our COO Nathan Mrnak who enjoyed success on his newly acquired farm by taking his first buck from the property, and his first in the state since moving to Indiana! However there were other circumstances involved that made this harvest incredibly more meaningful. Please take a moment to watch this fantastic tribute.



Timber: A Valuable Land Attribute

Timber is a potentially valuable attribute of your property and should be a consideration when either buying or selling. In many cases, a well-managed timber stand can be responsibly harvested in intervals. That will provide income indefinitely and create a healthy forest Eco-system that benefits all wildlife using the property. From providing more food for the wildlife to enjoy. To simply earning another form of income, timber land is a great renewable resource to have.

The quality of older age-class trees can degrade over time, so harvesting can help maximize your return on investment. At the same, time permits valuable sunlight to reach the ground which creates desirable new growth and wildlife habitat. Which in turn also releases the next age class of younger, upcoming trees allowing for maximum growth. An excess of timber on any property can help the land be a great investment.

Base Camp Country Real Estate has many pieces of timber land for sale that fit the needs of someone looking for a good investment. With multiple properties available right now, we are your premier destination for timber land.


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Landownership is Special

When you can take a new hunter out on your land for their first hunt, it is always a special feeling. It proves our statement: “More Than Just Dirt, It’s A Lifestyle”.

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Living The Lifestyle: Youth Turkey hunt 2


At Base Camp Country, we believe that “It’s more than just dirt, it’s a lifestyle” and we live our motto every day. We believe that in order to grow the tradition and leave behind a lasting legacy, teaching the youth of America to hunt in a responsible, safe, and ethical manner is important.



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